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Knuckle Lights

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Plus ALL pre-orders get a FREE gift
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See and be seen with Knuckle Lights


Knuckle Lights Advanced
Pre-Orders close
Β June 30, 2020Β 

NEW: We just added a bonus!

FREE Safety Gear Bundle ($25 Value)

*will be added automatically
to all pre-orders when we ship

pre-order knuckle lights advanced
Image of Knuckle Lights Advanced (PRE-ORDER)

Knuckle Lights Advanced (PRE-ORDER)



Pre-Orders will ship as soon as possible.

Our factory is ahead of schedule and we expect to ship all pre-orders by the end of July (but by August 10th at the latest).


Note regarding Safety Gear Bundle:

The bundle will be added automatically to your order when we ship. There is no need to add to your cart or purchase during checkout on our website.Β  If you have previously placed a pre-order, the bundle WILL be included.


Free Shipping in U.S.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

5 Year "No Hassle" Warranty

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