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Yo! How often do you rotate your mattress?

Spoiler: you should probs do it way more often.

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Spoiler: you should probs do it way more often.

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You asked, we answered.

Being Australia's first (and best) mattress in a box...

…we know a thing or two about mattresses, how to care for them and when to replace them. So we've answered some commonly asked mattress questions (in both long and short form, 'cause we're good like that).
Q: How often should I rotate my mattress?

Short answer: Once a month. Told 'ya it was more frequent than you'd think!
Long answer: You likely sleep in the same spot each night, so without rotation, your mattress will wind up with your body impression.

To avoid this, we recommend rotating your mattress by 180° every month. If you’re going for extra gold stars, you can even give your mattress a quick vacuum on low suction to suck up dust, dust mites and…yes…skin cells.

A friendly reminder that rotating does! not! mean! flipping! Modern mattresses, including ours, aren’t designed for flippy flippy.
Q: Do I really need a mattress protector?

Short answer: Yep.
Long answer: Without being too sales-y, it really is a great idea to add a mattress protector to the mix. A protector will help keep the mattress underneath clean and looking its best.

You’ll want a mattress protector that’s breathable and water resistant – ideally antimicrobial and easily washable, such as our Great Barrier Mattress Protector
or Thredbo Mattress Protector.
Q: How do I clean my mattress?

A: Accidents and spills happen to the best and most coordinated of us, so don’t fret. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean your matty.
Q: When should I replace my mattress?

Short answer: Every 10 years.
Long answer: According to master of all things mattress, Koala Product Manager Stephanie Roberts-Baxter, the answer depends on your warranty. Our mattresses are tested to last the lifetime of the warranty, so we recommend they’re replaced every 10 years.

However, not all mattresses are made equal. If yours gets damaged, or just isn’t comfortable or supportive, before the 10 year mark, it’s encouraged you replace it sooner.
Which mattress is right for me?

Which mattress is right for me?

Fear not, Goldilocks - we've made a quiz to find your perfect match-ress. Gosh that felt good.
Take the quiz!
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