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Bedtime cravings? Can't sleep? Try this...

Email sent: Jul 22, 2021 8:09am
Makes you tired in 5 minutes
Bedtime Cravings? Can’t Sleep? Try This


Sleep is essential to slimming…

As science shows you’ll need the recommended 7-9 hours nightly to keep your:

  • Metabolism from slowing.
  • Appetite and hunger from increasing when you wake.
  • Cravings under control.
  • Willpower intact.

What can make it hard to get sufficient sleep?

Not being able to fall asleep due to bedtime cravings…

And while keto should keep your cravings under control…

Here’s a snack to reach for if cravings hit right before your bed hits the pillow:



According to research from Loma Linda University in California, peanuts trigger delta brain waves in as little as five minutes…

The same brain waves that help you sleep.

In addition, peanuts are packed with plant fats that increase serotonin production…

Which can keep you calm and cut your risk of restless sleep in half.

While peanuts can help you fall asleep faster, here’s the problem:

They’re loaded with calories…

And they’re so crunchy and salty, you may end up consuming copious calories.

Why’s that an issue?

According to a British Journal of Nutrition study, cutting nighttime snacks equal to 240 calories per night can help you shed 25 pounds per year.

Does this mean you shouldn’t snack if you have bedtime cravings then?

Not necessarily, as it’ll be impossible to fall asleep with those cravings…

Which is why I suggest sipping this instead:

Konscious’ Keto Shake.

It’s so low in carbs and calories that you can enjoy it without the guilt…

And its dessert-like flavor can crush cravings on contact while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Is this tasty shake only good as a bedtime cravings-crusher?

No, as it can also replace full keto meals in just 20 seconds to save you a ton of time in the kitchen…

And if you replace just one meal per day with this shake, a German study found you can double your weight loss…

Which will make it a lot easier to reach your keto goals.

Claim your supply of our mouthwatering Keto Shake now.


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