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40% off Sculpt CLA today! First 200 orders also get two Fat Strippers and a Vitamin B12 without incurring any additional cost!

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How LA Muscle has been giving you the very best CLA supplement for years and how this amazing pharma grade product can help you shift fat and add quality lean muscle in one miracle pill

Sculpt is an incredible Certified, Patented supplement that will make you lose weight AND build lean muscle mass at the same time. This is a rare supplement that does this dual action. Sculpt is suitable for both men and women who are sick and tired of not being able to lose any weight.

Use Sculpt to help you shift weight and fast without losing any essential muscle mass as well as enhancing your metabolism. Once you have set your dreams and aspirations, the only limitation standing in your way is your body and the training and nutrition you put towards achieving your goals.

This one email can literally change your life starting from tomorrow

Until this email you may not have been the one to blame for your lack of progress thus far. However, if you ignore something that can instantly change your image in a short space of time then you are not doing yourself any justice.

Sculpt has everything to ensure your body is losing weight and your muscles are securely protected. Mesmerise your friends/family today by seeing the amazing power of Sculpt without the risk of any side effects nor any risks to your health or you having to waste hours in the gym. Sculpt gets to work instantly and helps change your fuel mix overnight. Act fast by ordering this supplement today and start taking it from tomorrow!

Patented weight loss formula, protects muscles, 100% natural

Sculpt will increase lean muscle and dramatically reduce bodyfat. When you work out, your body produces catabolic hormones (muscle-eating). Sculpt halts these "muscle eaters" and will prevent muscle wasting which occurs as a result of training. Sculpt will get you lean and muscular in 5 unique ways:
# Sculpt has anticatabolic effects which are wholly different from Leucine/HMB i.e. Sculpt stops muscles from being used for energy.
# By taking Sculpt, you improve your body's "feed efficiency", enabling better usage of the foods you eat.
# Sculpt results in higher nitrogen retention and increased muscle growth i.e. your body keeps a hold of more protein.
# Sculpt has essential protein-sparing abilities i.e. it diverts protein from being used up for energy.
# Sculpt changes your night-time fuel mix. Use Sculpt and you are guaranteed to get a leaner, more muscular physique with a considerable reduction in bodyfat.

This product was chosen by Men's Health magazine for their men's Health beach body challenge

Before and After Sculpt

# Use your code: sculpt40 at checkout to get Sculpt for under 30 today
# Free Vitamin B12 and 2x Fat Stripper Trials for the first 200 orders to enhance weight loss and help boost your metabolism, but be fast to qualify! Order here with code "sculpt40""
# Ideal for men and women looking for rapid weight loss
# Sculpt was chosen by Men's Health magazine for their Men's Health Beach Body Challenge.
# Significant increase in "lean" muscle tissue
# Sculpt will increase lean muscle and dramatically reduce bodyfat.
# Changes night-time fuel mix for more muscle, less fat
# Patented weight loss formula
# This product will make you lean and fast
# Sculpt protects and preserves muscle tissue from being destroyed
# Pharma grade for the best possible results
# Contains 1000mg of CLA per capsule
# Rapid UK delivery included
# Free informative booklets included with your order
# You can buy Sculpt today not only at a reduced rate but risk free too with LA Muscles unique guarantee. If you are not happy simply send it back for a full refund No questions asked!
Click here to get 40% off Sculpt plus an additional Vitamin B12 and 2x Fat Stripper trial without paying a penny more. Code sculpt40

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