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September Newsletter: AFib Awareness Month

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AFib Awareness Month
What Does AFib Feel Like?

September marks AFib Awareness Month, which is dedicated to educating the public on the symptoms and warning signs of atrial fibrillation, a dangerous arrhythmia. Many people have AFib and don't even realize it. Click to learn about the three different ways doctors classify AFib, and the symptoms of each.
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How alcohol affects people with AFib

Alcohol is a ubiquitous part of American culture, but is it safe for those suffering from AFib to imbibe?
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Hepatitis C At-Home Health Test

3.2 million people in the U.S. have Hepatitis C, and 85% don’t know they have it. Get screened from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
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Video: AFib Animation

Wondering what AFib would look like in action? This animation provides a fascinating visual.
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Is it AFib or a heart attack?

While the two conditions share a lot of the same symptoms and both affect the heart, they are very different. Click to learn how.
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7 celebrities with AFib

Being diagnosed with AFib doesn’t mean you can’t live an extraordinary life. These household names who have lived with AFib might surprise you.
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