We're Not Falling for These 4 Unhealthy ChoicesAre You?

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Fall leaves and pumpkin spice are only part of the story — the darker days of autumn can mean falling back on bad habits. Here are 4 we're resisting. Join us!

Article 1
Not Getting Enough
Vitamin D = Never!
How to quickly support your
levels of the "sunshine vitamin" —
even when it's not sunny.
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Article 2
We’re Skipping Pumpkin Lattes. We're Sipping Golden Milk.
Make yourself this turmeric-
infused latte instead of the
sugary coffee shop drink.
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Wellness Article 3
Skimping On a Good Night's
Sleep? Dream On!
Will melatonin or valerian root
help you score more ZZZs?
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Wellness Article 4
Feeling "Meh?" Nah!
Don't let your dopamine
levels dip. Check out these
mood boosters.
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Eating for Energy:
Getting More From Every Meal

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