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Linde Werdelin turns 18

Email sent: Aug 26, 2020 3:17pm
Linde Werdelin Timepieces

Dear Friends,

Today Linde Werdelin turns 18 - a day celebrated with vigour when a loved child has supposedly grown up. We feel quite the same and will celebrate with a glass and more.

Linde Werdelin began as an idea in early spring 2002, and became manifest on the 26th August of that year as we registered - in those days a definite sign that one had arrived in this world.
18 years later, the world is much changed - and as a child of that period - we have changed and grown as well.
A glance back at 18 Years of LW History
Linde Werdelin is established on the 26th August with a view to develop a family of mechanical timepieces with attachable digital instruments.
After more than four years of product development, Linde Werdelin is launched, marking the start of the first generation of timepieces called the Biformeter, including the Founders Watch series, accompanied by a digital Land Instrument providing sophisticated information about conditions in the mountains.
The Linde Werdelin Biformeter and Land Instrument makes history by guiding world leading climbers, Conrad Anker and Leo Houlding, to becoming the first to free climb the famous North East Ridge of Everest. This is the first confirmed true, unaided ascent of the route.
2009 - 2010
This year saw the introduction of a new series that drew inspiration from the universes of mountain and diving. The range of Linde Werdelin timepieces diversified into two families: the Oktopus, inspired by the sea and deep diving, and the Spido, inspired by mountaineering. Linde Werdelin debuted a new movement and complication, the Oktopus Moonphase, a highly functional night diving watch.
The SpidoSpeed family joined, echoing the design pursuits of the Spido family, to reduce weight while maintaining strength in the construction and with added functionality: this is Linde Werdelin’s family of chronograph models. Inspired by the F1 car chassis, the case body is drilled out to maintain the bare essentials for weight reduction, while maintaining a strong and stylish structure.
Linde Werdelin pioneered the use of 3 dimensional thin ply carbon (3DTP) in its Oktopus cases. The material is functionally and aesthetically unique to Linde Werdelin.
Linde Werdelin is comissioned by Frømandskorpset (the Danish Frogman Corps), the Naval Special Operations Force in the Danish Military. The resulting Oktopus Frogman is a tribute to this elite group of combat divers. Specifically made for night diving with a brighter lume, the pieces are still being used by the Frogmen today. 
Launch of the SpidoLite 3DTP Carbon, the lightest-ever Linde Werdelin timepiece, advancing the technique by perfecting it for the intricately-detailed SpidoLite case reducing the outer case weight to just 3.8 grams. Being able to shape the 3DTP carbon without delamination is a feat of engineering.
Linde Werdelin launches its pre-owned platform to buy and sell pre-owned Linde Werdelin. It provides authenticity and safety for buyers as well as for sellers. Linde Werderlin is the first watch company to do so.
Linde Werdelin launches two series of engraved timepieces with renowned engraver Johnny Dowell (“Kingnerd”) - the Oktopus Reef and Oktopus Crazy Universe. 

A third piece in the series would later follow in 2019 - the Oktopus Volcano.

Each piece takes over 100 hours of labour with delicate engraving on the toughest materials. 
2019 - 2020
LW becomes a member of Positive Luxury, recognising the efforts taken through the preceding years to minimise footprint by reducing use of material in marketing as well as launching the first pre-owned platform in the industry, in addition to customising new and existing pieces and moving to a direct, made-to-order sales approach; essentially trying to make less rather than more.
In January 2020, Linde Werdelin is accredited for its sustainability efforts with an award for Circular Economy Pioneer of the Year by Positive Luxury.
And Beyond...
2020 and beyond will obviously be defined by the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it has brought to all parts of society - equality, economy, politics and sustainability.

In March we decided to halt new launches until we felt it was appropriate, with the 3 Timer Nord finally emerging in June. While some ideas and plans have been postponed to 2021 and 2022 as appropriate, we will nevertheless have some exciting developments to share in the coming weeks and months. 
Be part of the Linde Werdelin adventure
Be part of the Linde Werdelin adventure
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