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Summer is a perfect time to combine recreation and studies. You can chill out with a handbook in the open air, go to a language school in the south and study with the help of real examples. It’s the summer when there are loads of interesting things happening around. Today we are here to tell you about the latest world events and explain how to deal with the news faster.

Keep track of the events

The Olympic Games in Tokyo

🔥 The long-awaited Olympic Games opened in Japan on July 23. While the participants are just starting to win medals, we’ll look at this event from the English language perspective.

Each edition of the Games has its own mascot, a person, animal, or object that is believed to bring good luck, or one that represents an organization. This time it is Miraitowa. There is also a motto, a short sentence or phrase that expresses a belief or purpose. For this session, the motto is “United by Emotion”

On March 12, the Olympic torch was lit in Greece and it meant the beginning of the Olympic torch relay. It went through the whole of Japan just before the start of the Olympics. There, the contestants, or participantswere entering the stadium to the national anthem, a song that has special importance for a particular group of people, or a country, and at the end, Naomi Osaka, a tennis player, lit the Olympic cauldron,originallya large, round container for cooking in. The fire will keep on burning until the end of the games when the final total tally of medals is announced

🥇 At the Tokyo Olympics, medals will be played in 33 sports. Since spectators are not allowed in the stands, several dynamic disciplines have been added for visual appeal: 3x3 basketball, BMX, skateboarding and others. All these words came from the English language. But there are names of sports you might not have heard.

Archery — the art or sport of shooting arrows;

Equestrian — horse-riding (dressage, eventing, jumping);

Fencing — the sport of fighting with long, thin swords;

Field hockey — a game played on a sports field between two teams of eleven players who each have a curved stick with which they try to put a small hard ball into the other team's goal;

Gymnastics — physical exercises and activities performed inside, often using equipment such as bars and ropes, intended to increase the body's strength and the ability to move and bend easily (artistic, rhythmic, trampoline);

Modern pentathlon — a sports event in which athletes compete in five different sports (pistol shooting, fencing, freestyle swimming, show jumping, cross-country run);

Rowing / Canoeing — the sport of racing in shells/canoes;

Weightlifting — the activity of lifting heavy objects either as a sport or for exercise;

This year there are no such interesting sports at the Olympics:

Pole vault — a sports competition in which you jump over a high bar using a long stick to push yourself off the ground;

Hurdles — a race in which people or horses jump over hurdles;

A relay (race) — a running or swimming race between two or more teams in which each person in the team runs or swims part of the race;

Discus — the event or sport in which a discus is thrown as far as possible.

The Cannes Film Festival

🌴 This event was also awaited for the whole year: last year's ceremony was canceled and held in an "alternative form". The festival closed on July 17, and the winners are already known. Many films have no teasers yet, but we’ve found some of them. Titan was chosen as the Best Film. Its trailer doesn't make much sense as it has no words. So let's examine the best films with dialogues and write out a few useful words at the same time.

Jury Prize  Memoria

🤔 A woman (Tilda Swinton) comes to Colombia to take care of her sister, who is in a dream state. After a while, the main character herself is unable to sleep because of a sudden bang in her head. She tries to find out where this inner rumbling came from and not to lose her sense of reality.

A rumble a continuous low sound;

A core (of the Earth) the center of a planet;

To shrink — to become smaller, or to make something smaller;

To release bad spirits —  to give freedom to evil ghosts.

Best Director  Annette

🎤 A stand-up comedian Henry (Adam Driver) marries an opera singer Anne (Marion Cotillard). They become a glamorous couple who charm the media and the audience. When Annette is born, her parents notice her unusual gift which will change the fate of the whole family. The film was directed by a French filmmaker, Leos Carax.

Puzzling — difficult to explain or understand;

Sacred — holy and deserving respect, especially because of a connection with a god.

Best Performance by an Actor  Nitram

🌏 A lonely boy Martin (Caleb Landry Jones) lives with his family in an Australian town. He is unable to fit in and make friends, and his only friendship ends badly. Martin becomes even more unsociable and a serious problem for his family and society.

A fabric shop — a shop where you can buy cloth or material for making clothes, covering furniture, etc.;

Silk — a delicate, soft type of cloth made from a thread produced by silkworms, or the thread itself;

Cotton — thread or cloth made from the fibers of the cotton plant;

To stream down — to flow down (about liquid) quickly and in large amounts without stopping.

Discuss the news with confidence

☝ Do you want to keep track of the news? You have to be the first to get it. You'll learn faster if you watch trailers and movies in the original, read the news from first-hand sources and discuss events with foreigners. To do that, you need at least an Intermediate level of English with up-to-date vocabulary and grammar. That's what you can get at our “From Elementary to Intermediate” online marathon.

Together with Marina and Venya, you’ll get to the Intermediate, which you need for everyday life, communication and almost any work, in just 30 days. Using real-life examples, you’ll:

💪 reinforce the basics of grammar and go through the vital topics;

💪 learn the real vocabulary used in the USA which would be handy in other countries too;

💪 forget about what a language barrier is and be able to start a conversation with a stranger;

💪 learn the correct pronunciation and start speaking confidently and clearly.

🏃 The online marathon starts tomorrow, July 30! Everything is perfectly calсulated: if you start now, you can become a champion in “middleweight English” as early as fall. The main thing is to book a spot on time!

🤑 For you to bring yourself to take part in our marathon, we are giving you a promo codeSTRONGER20 to get a $20 discount. It’s available for any package and will help you get stronger in English. 🏆

I want to get to the Intermediate level!

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