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🔥 Renewed Marathon “From Elementary to Intermediate” With a $20 Discount 💸

Email sent: Nov 21, 2020 12:01pm
$20 Discount For You

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Hi there! Venya Pak here.

How are you, everything good? That’s good. I’m good too, you know, it is good to feel good and not good to feel bad. 

The previous paragraph was pretty annoying, right? 😅 That’s because I used only one word “good” instead of different synonyms. I could insert adjectives like marvelous or amazing or splendid — the options are almost limitless. All you need to do to make your speech more beautiful and versatile is to enlarge your vocabulary and substitute worn-out words with more catchy synonyms. Watch the video below to grasp the idea of what I’m talking about. ⬇️

I also have some other ideas on how to enrich your vocabulary, especially if you are just at the beginning of your learning path. It is possible with the help of our renewed marathon “From Elementary to Intermediate”

Every day we receive feedback from our students and try to improve based on that. That’s why we re-recorded half of the lessons in this course. 🎬 Don’t start to panic just yet: the cool and useful content didn’t go anywhere and the topics of the lessons are still the same. The only thing that changes is the structure — now it is way better and the material is easier to understand. And we have the new homework, yay! So your new level of English is at hand. 

To motivate you even further I want to give you a $20 discount. Use the promo code 20NEWSTART and level up your English even more cheaply. Just don’t hesitate for too long: the course starts in two days, November the 23rd and you have to act fast. ⚡️ I believe you’ll make the right choice. 

See you at the marathon? 😉

From LinguaTrip with ❤️
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