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Stop being a foreigner in the eyes of a native speaker!

Email sent: Sep 1, 2021 3:02pm
Farewells to weak English

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👋 Hi there, 

What makes knowledge of a language more solid? Right, that’s practice. You need not only to listen to other people speaking but also speak yourself. Today we’ll tell you how to understand those who speak English and express your ideas clearly when speaking to others.

What are they jocking about?

🤣 To grasp the meaning of any language, you have to dive into the most emotional sphere of the language – its humor. You can easily find a lot of examples on Twitter. To understand jokes effortlessly is possible at the Intermediate level. That’s because users shorten words, often neglect punctuation and use colloquial language. To figure out their jokes, you have to get a solid knowledge of English. Look at these examples of Internet language from popular Tweets with original spelling and punctuation:

👟 The one from Kanye West, a VIP of Twitter, – “I’m not even gon lie to you. I love me so much”

Here going to is shortened to gon

🚀 The second Twitter star is Elon Musk – “I was always crazy on twitter fyi” 

FYI = For Your Information.

The following tweets got from 200 000 to 1 million likes in 2021:

🤳 “‘Yo password weak’ well so is my memory so plz let me keep it”.

Yo = your, plz = please

Sometimes not only words are shortened in tweets but whole words can be missed out. There should be is after the word password.

😵‍ “U ever shake ur head to clear the intrusive thought”.

Here the verb do is missing at the beginning and a question mark at the end. 

💃 “oh the gap on my resume? i can totally explain. i was hanging out”.
It should have sounded like “Oh, are you talking about the gap on my resume?” or “Do you mean the gap on my resume?”

🧠 To read tweets in English you need intuitive skills like the sense of intonation, building the context, seeing the missing words. It’s really enough to have an Intermediate level of English for that.

How to find your way in English?

🧐 The Intermediate level is not only being able to use social networks, listen to music and watch films without a dictionary. It’s a foundation for work and studies abroad in the future. Let alone traveling and making friends around the globe. Are you keen on such prospects? Then join in on our online marathon “From Elementary to Intermediate”.

Together with Marina and Venya in 30 days, you’ll get from the elementary to the intermediate level. Homework and online sessions will help you to: 

1️⃣ brush up on the basic grammar and not be afraid to use complex structures

2️⃣ learn handy and relevant lexis that is enough for everyday conversations;  

3️⃣ work on your intonation and pronunciation to speak clearly and sound nice; 

4️⃣ close all the gaps in your knowledge and start speaking confidently.

💎 September, 3 is the day to say goodbye to weak English. To make your attitude to studies even more serious, here is our promo code ENGLISHSTAR30 with a $20 discount for any package of the marathon. Book your spot and pump up your level in a month! 🎁


Online lessons, stream, homework, lecture summaries, a discount for an intensive.

109 $ 89 $


NEWBIE package perks + access to a private chat, memos with vocabulary, extra homework.

129 $ 109 $

Тариф GURU

MASTER package perks + access to a private chat with Venya for 4 weeks.

169 $ 149 $

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