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What score do US universities require? TOEFL Statistics

Email sent: Oct 3, 2021 3:02pm
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Getting accepted abroad seems like a terribly complicated thing. You have to choose a country and a university, deal with the requirements, documents, deadlines... In this turmoil, it is easy to get lost and give up at the very beginning. Let's go over some of the details and discuss what you need to know to get into a foreign university successfully.

What score do universities require?

🎫 Your main pass is the language exam. You are going to study in English, and you have to convince the university that you understand the lectures of the professors and can study at the same level as native speakers. We got a question on this subject from one of our readers:

Is it possible to get into a US university with a TOEFL score of less than 100 or an IELTS score of 6.0?

🙅 Let us warn you right away that it is better not to focus on the IELTS for US universities. Not all of them will accept this exam, but TOEFL will suit any. Moreover, the minimum recommended score for IELTS is 6.5. So if you have your heart set on the USA, you'd better take TOEFL.

😮 The average score of all students is ~ 78 out of 120. So a score of 100 is a pretty high one, which almost all Ivy League universities are happy with. And if you are not aiming for Harvard or Princeton, 80-90 is enough to get in. For example, the lower threshold for MIT is 90, for Washington University it is 76, and for Arizona University even 61 is enough.

🏫 There are no offers below 60 points because the knowledge at this level is approximately equal to Intermediate. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to understand lectures. The standard requirement is 80 points. You can be guided by this score if you do not need a top university. You can search for specific universities in the US on the list of TOEFL requirements

What could brighten up your imperfect knowledge of the language?

✅ high GPA on a high school diploma;

✅ participation in international competitions and contests;

✅ a large portfolio of practical work and achievements;

✅ high scores in specialized examinations;

✅ a bright motivation letter and essay.

An attractive set of credentials and accomplishments will not only impress the admission board. Good performance is a strong argument for a scholarship or grant.

How to study for free?

🧱 As we have already seen, there are several steps to successful enrollment. It's the same with scholarships: there are different ways to prove that you are worthy of studying for free or of receiving support. 

🎓 The most common recipients of funding are those who have already shown a high level of knowledge and results and are willing to continue their research. Students promote scientific activities and in return receive help with housing, tuition, or relocation. You can find a success story with tips and shortcuts from Marina Mogilko in the book “The Step by Step Guide to Enter a University in the USA”.

🤩 This study case proves that there is nothing impossible and if you are willing to succeed, there always is a way to do that. Now you have enough time to prepare for your studies in 2022 as universities accept applications till the end of December. Hurry up and don’t lose an opportunity to study abroad! 

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