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Where Hearts Unite: June 13th Liver Medic and Alison Canavan Newsletter

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As we continue into sleep month, we look at meditation, your coffee intake, taking a nap and of course 20% off Zen Sleep
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"Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow." 

- Tim Roth

As we continue into sleep month, we look at meditation, your coffee intake, taking a nap and of course 20% off Zen Sleep. Our Zen sleep will be on offer all month at 20% off so don’t miss out on this amazing offer.

For some meditation is still considered a practice reserved for the few among us living a more spiritual life. In truth science is now showing us that it is fast becoming an essential practice for everyone if you want to improve your relationship with life and of course as its sleep month – sleep better! I meditate because it gives me back time, energy, clarity, focus, better immunity, better sleep and less stress. I have learnt through the years that meditation plays an essential part in improving my personal relationship with life, which in turn has a massive impact on how healthy, happy and peaceful I am.

Research shows us that focusing the mind on the breath during meditation causes physical changes in brain matter and turns activity up or down in over 1500 genes. Even just placing attention on any body part activates the corresponding brain region, which sends a signal to the part of the body being focused on. The mind has an incredibly powerful effect on the body, and it is quite simply not possible to change your life without working with your mind. Even taking just 10 minutes a day to meditate can be a game changer in how you live. Try it you might even like it!

Don't forget: this month we are fully focused on sleep and our webinar on June 24th will include how to sleep better and understand sleep and the effects on our overall health.


To help with sleep, only drink coffee before noon

I have so many clients who swear that caffeine is not a problem for them but when they follow this rule, for most, the quality of their sleep improves. There is considerable genetic variation in terms of how each of us metabolizes caffeine. For many of us it can take several hours to fully process the caffeine. Coffee is molecularly very similar to adenosine which is the chemical that tells your brain you are sleepy. The coffee then is actually not giving you energy but rather masking your brains ability to feel tired.


Release tension before bed

Before you sleep each night: Sit comfortably, close your eyes and scan your entire body slowly from your head toe and then from your feet up again. Notice any areas of tension and breathe into these areas releasing the tension.



Take a nap

When is the last time you took a nap? Of let me rephrase, took a nap without feeling guilty? We have been seduced into a busyness epidemic, but studies show that a 30-minute midday nap has been proven to lessen stress, increase learning, focus and improve general health. Obviously, this can be hard if you are in work but just closing your eyes for a few minutes can help you decompress and give your body the break it needs. Try to avoid napping for over an hour though as you’ll wake up with something called “sleep inertia” (that groggy feeling where you don’t even know where you are).



I was delighted to collaborate with our national airline 'Aer Lingus' for a 'Wellbeing in The Skies" series. Here is the video on sleep that includes a meditation. SKIP TO 3:44 MINS if you want to go straight into the meditation.

Aer Lingus Meditation

June’s affirmation will help to lift your spirits each day and tell your friends to help spread the love!

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Image of ZEN SLEEP


Get 20% off with code `sleepjune`

We have created an Organic Herbal Sleep Aid Supplement that is very different from the rest of the market. We carefully chose herbs that relax the muscle, regulate mood, calm the brain and digestive system. They include adaptogens like ashwagandha that have been used for centuries by ancient cultures and are combined with today’s most current scientific research on successful natural sleep alternatives.

Our formula is also complimented with critical vitamins that support these goals. No sleep aid supplement is complete without addressing adrenal support. The adrenal glands are often overlooked in sleep and stress formulations. All this is done without compromising health by excluding fillers like magnesium stearate or adding addictive ingredients like melatonin, which shut down the body’s ability to naturally produce it.

“This company is my go-to company for my sleep, liver and gut health issues.” - Chris

Shine Bright,
Till next week, 

Alison and Brendan

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