5 Reasons to Shoot Black & White Film.

Email sent: Oct 2, 2021 6:49am
It’s not all about color.
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“Why shoot black and white analogue?”
“Why shoot black and white analogue?”
1 Change Your Perspective – Black & White photography forces you to think more about composition, lighting and shadows. It’s like a whole new world to explore.
1 Stop Time – It makes your shots seem timeless. It’s nostalgic and it takes us back to the early days of photography. But black & white is also the future, it has so much to offer.
1 Self-development – Cheaper than in a lab, developing your own film means you can tailor the process to suit your style.
1 Take Control – Color no longer provides a distraction so you need to use the light to your advantage. Shoot under any lighting condition and use color filters for creative effects.
1 Get Emotional – The intense dramatic quality of black & white film is great for portraying emotion. It makes contrasts pop and subjects stand out.
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“[Shooting in B&W] not only changed my style as a photographer, but also has changed my way of thinking and my way of seeing the world around me.”
— Vika Bykovskaya
“I still process and develop myself as it gives me total control over how my film comes out as I can work with the exact developer needed to bring out the contrast that is desired.”
— Ben MacMaster
Put It Into Practice
Put It Into Practice
We are dedicated to the production of film in all formats as part of our mission to keep analogue alive. For stunning tones and smooth grain take a look at Lady Grey B&W ISO 400, great for low-light and action shots. Choose Earl Grey B&W ISO 100 for deep blacks, bright whites and soft shades of grey. Both are available in 35 mm and 120 formats and allow you to capture the elegance of life in black & white.
Put It Into Practice
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