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How to stay top of mind: Brands that are successfully engaging users

Email sent: Mar 23, 2020 10:45am
Companies, big and small, are finding creative ways to engage users to be top of mind.

Companies are finding creative ways to engage users and be top of mind.


Let's talk about engaging users creatively.

Engaging with customers, employees, and would-be users is a moving target right now. What we've found: brands that are creatively leading users back to them will stay top of mind for future purchase decisions.


What does that look like? Here are 3 brands (big and small) that are connecting + engaging users creatively.

What they did: SF based startup Allbirds is supporting healthcare workers on the front lines by providing a free pair of their best sellers, while supplies last.

Why it's engaging users: Instead of giving a discount to users, the company committed to a limited-supply giveaway of product that would directly help a vulnerable group. It created a shareable moment that incorporated their product, directing new, future users to their brand. 

What they did: Bikky, a CRM for restaurants, created an aggregator for NY and Chicago based restaurants (more cities coming) to help users order delivery directly from the source rather than meal-order apps with fees.

Why it's engaging users: By creating a free service, they are sending new customers to their future user base: restaurants. They've created a a free marketing word of mouth of loop for their future user base that leads back to them. 


What they did: From financial services to SaaS companies, managers are sending food delivery, gifts, cards, and more to their team members working for home. 

Why it's engaging users: It keeps morale up and creates word-of mouth buzz about the brand. HR managers and team leads know that in future hiring months, candidates may ask - how did your company/team handle March 2020. They've told us this is part of their answer.

Looking for more examples of how brands are creatively engaging customers, employees, and future users? It's all here.


We are here.

If you want to creatively engage through gifting, the Loop & Tie team is available to connect. Or, if you just want to talk to us about how we are seeing brands connect successfully, we are here for that as well. 





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