Los Mejores Ejercicios De Los Que Ha Oido Jamas

6 killer power rack exercises...

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

The power rack is the single most versatile piece of equipment you have in the gym...home gym or regular gym.

You can do SO much more than just squats in it.

Click here to check out 6 killer exercises that you can do with a rack...

#1 - Chest and Abs: Back-Off Bench Dumbbell Press

This exercise is the perfect "beach body" exercise, targeting the chest and abs with a unique bracing setup. You'll be using your six-pack abs isometrically to support your body AND the weight as you press up without your upper back on the bench.

#2 - Biceps: Nilsson Curls

If you want to build massive biceps, this is the exercise you're going to use. Most bicep exercises use a relatively light weight. This one uses a specific "blocking" method to put the load of almost your ENTIRE bodyweight directly onto your biceps

#3 - Quads and Core: Frankenstein Plus Dumbbell Squats

This one is going to demand everything you've got. It's a variation of the Front Squat that adds in an additional twist to throw even MORE loading on your core and quads. If you want to improve your Front Squat and quadricep strength, this exercise will do it for you.

#4 - Back: Corner Rack Pull-Ups

The specific shape of the corner of the power rack allows you to perform a version of the pull-up that puts DIRECT tension on the outermost fibers of your lats. If you want to build back width, do this exercise.

#5 - Shoulders: Rear Delt Rack-Rail Lateral Raises

If you have a hard time engaging your rear delts and your shoulder development is suffering for it, this technique is going to change that instantly. You will feel your rear delts contracting harder than they've ever contracted before.

#6 - Posterior Chain: Power Rack GHR Machine

The GHR (Glute/Ham Raise) machine is one of the single most effective ways to develop the posterior chain. If you don't have access to one, don't have room for one or can't afford one, you're missing out. This setup mimics it almost perfectly...and even improves on the original in many ways.


You can grab a free PDF of all 6 of these exercises directly by clicking here.

If you'd like to see each of these with a video demo...

Check out all 6 exercises on video here.


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