Los Mejores Ejercicios De Los Que Ha Oido Jamas
Los Mejores Ejercicios De Los Que Ha Oido Jamas

The Upper Chest Destroyer Workout...(not kidding)

Email sent: Jun 30, 2020 8:09pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

This one is a MONSTER of a chest workout that is going to most specifically focus on the upper chest.

It's going to take a bit of explaining, so make sure you've got a few minutes available to digest it...but once you do get the concept, you'll see the tremendous POWER behind it.

You'll basically be doing bench press for about 40 minutes with very little rest, moving up then back down in weight while also changing the angle of the bench and changing the range of motion of the bench press.

It sounds complicated...and it kind of is...but once you grasp the major concept at work here, you'll see how powerful this method is.

Now, obviously, this one is not going to be something you can do in a crowded gym. You'll be taking up a power rack for that entire time, with no opportunity to let anybody else work in. It's ideal for training at home, but a non-crowded gym with lots of empty racks will work as well.

If you enjoy bench press and chest workouts (and chest soreness, in particular), you're going to love this one. It's going to hit the ENTIRE fan of the pectoral muscles from just about every angle available to you...in one workout.


Step 1 is the setup.

Set a flat bench inside the rack, then set the rails where you would do a top lockout partial bench press of the top few inches. Test it with just the empty bar to make sure you have it right.

This is going to be the rail height you'll leave set for the ENTIRE workout.

Now adjust the bench to a high incline. This is where you're going to start. The incline should be about 60 degrees...the bar should be sitting right at your upper chest/clavicles when resting on the rails.

Set a fairly light weight on the bar to start with. I started with 75 lbs on the bar and that weight was good...my current max is about 250/260 lbs on flat bench right now, to give you an idea of strength levels.

Now you're ready to begin...you don't need a timer for this as the only rest you get is the time it takes to changes weights and/or bench angle...no more.


Step 2 - High Incline Bench Press off the Rails

Every single rep of this workout is going to be done off the rails. This is especially effective for chest training as it forces the actual muscle to do the work.

With most bench pressing, you come down to the bottom then use some elastic rebound to get the weight moving back up. No such luck here...you'll be fully stopping and resetting your body position on every rep.

As well, when you start to press, don't "pop" the weight off the bar..."squeeze" it off...meaning you should develop tension in the chest, then use muscle power to push the weight up.

This will really help with muscle activation, especially in the upper chest (which is notoriously hard to get at).

Do as many reps as you can, staying short of failure. DO NOT push to the limit on the way up in weight...you'll do that on the backside of the workout (you'll see).

Add 5 lbs to each side (10 lbs total). When you're doing high incline, you need to increase the loads slowly...that'll change as the incline decreases later.

Now rep out again with that heavier weight.

Add 5 more pounds to each side of the bar and rep out.

Keep going like this until you can't get to 5 reps on the set.


Step 3 - Drop the Bench Angle

Then you're going to drop the incline by ONE notch on your bench, decreasing the angle just a little bit. This will have the dual result of improving the leverage while decreasing the range of motion slightly.

Do another set with the SAME weight you couldn't get 5 reps with before...don't increase the weight yet. I did this first change at 95 lbs, so I ended up doing 2 sets with 95 lbs.

Rep out with that weight.

Increase the weight by 5 lbs on each side again and repeat the cycle.

When you increase the weight and can't get 5 reps, again you will drop the angle by one notch on your bench...improving the leverage and decreasing the range of motion.

Continue the pattern.

Again, when you get to the point where you can't get 5 reps, drop the angle again.

You should be starting to see a pattern here...

Basically, when you can't get 5 reps, drop the angle of the bench and keep going.

Eventually, you will get to the point where the angle of the bench is getting flatter and your range of motion is getting short enough that you can start increasing the weight by 10 pounds on each side (20 pounds total). For me, this was when I hit 135 lbs on the bar at about 30 degrees of incline.

Continue with the same pattern here (adding weight, 5-reps gauge, dropping the bench) until your bench is flat.

This was a few more drops for me...at 245 lbs, I was doing lockout flat bench.

Once you're flat, keep going up by 20 lbs total until you get to the point where you can basically just do a single. This was 355 lbs for me.

On these heavier sets, you're getting the very high-threshold motor units and muscle fibers.


Step 4 - Reverse It

Once you hit this point, you're going to start working your way back DOWN in weight and UP in the angle of the bench (which will also increase the range of motion).

You'll reverse the pattern here, decreasing the weight by 20 lbs on each set.

When you can get MORE than 5 reps, increase the angle of the bench and decrease the weight.

Keep going like this until you get to the same weight that you started with the 20 lb increases - again, for me it was 135 lbs.

Now switch to 10 lb drops on each set. This will help you get more volume on the higher inclines.

Keep going until you're back to your original starting weight.

Your chest will be TRASHED at the end of this...literally from top to bottom, but especially at the top.

The gradual and continuous change in angles and overload is going to hit the ENTIRE fan of the pectoral muscles...and over the next few days, you will feel a DEEP soreness in your chest like you've probably never felt before. You've awakened (and damaged) a whole lot of muscle fibers that have never been worked to this degree before.

I wouldn't do this workout more than once a week...and no need to work your chest again for at least a week after it, whether you do this workout again or not.

Click here to watch the full video with instructions and workout demo.

If you think you've got the idea, click here to start at the workout demo (7 minutes in)


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