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Embrace New Flavors With A Garlic Herb Pork Tenderloin!

Email sent: Jan 9, 2021 7:18pm
Start The New Year With A New Recipe!
The Black Label Series by Louisiana Grills® boldly reimagines the meaning of pellet grilling. A full redesign of the original Louisiana Grills® Line, this lineup includes upscale designs, premium technology upgrades and an intelligent digital control board. Use the Smoke iT™ app to remotely control everything on the digital control board – from the convenience of your phone. Do away with predictable grilling by achieving maximized airflow and hotter grill temperatures at speeds faster than ever before. The Black Label Series provides a thoughtful, griller-focused experience that puts you in control of luxury outdoor cooking.

Order now and receive a Black Label Series 800 Grill, a 40-pound bag of Competition Blend Pellets and a 6-pack of Louisiana Grills premium spices for $900 plus shipping and handling.

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