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Success Beyond Belief - Feeling Bored and what is your New Normal?

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May 2020 

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I.    Article: What the World Needs Now

II.     News and Information (Incl. New Videos)

III.   Tap o’ the Week: Compulsive Mastication

IV.    Must-See Links and Resources

V.     Tapping Transcription: Dealing with Stuff

VI.    Closing Quotation


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Article: What the World Could Really Use Right Now…



I really wanted to call this “What the World Needs Now,” but it would be pretty presumptuous of me to insist on what the world needs.  I can only really say what I’d like to see, and what I believe would be of great benefit to all of us.


As I thought about what I really want to say right now, in the face of all that is going on and how we see people hurting each other (whether it is with guns or hateful speech), I realized I pretty much said it in an article from a few years ago.  So I’m sharing it again.  I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I think it’s beneficial for all of us to remind ourselves of these things – to stay in this positive conversation – and that our more positive energy will naturally make positive shifts around us.  Thank you for being part of the solution. :)




The Gift of Kindness


So… if you have “liked” my FaceBook page (and if you haven’t yet, what’re you waiting for…?  ;)  ), you may have seen my post with the Incredibles video clip about all the angry posts on FB.


Andy Williams, among others, sang: “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”


While I am certainly trying to help cultivate that, I’d say that, first, what the world really needs now is kindness.






Mutual respect.


It may take awhile before people are able to feel real love for one another.  But in the meantime, even though we are people with differing opinions, isn’t it possible that we could be mature people with differing opinions…?


It amazes me to see how viscously people will jump on someone online – even when the person has only made a simple comment or request.


And, I stand by my belief that people don’t do this because they are bad… we are all doing the best we can based on our programming.


It’s just unfortunate that more and more we are being programmed to accept this kind of behavior… which tends to lead to engaging in it more and more.


And, it has a cost – for everyone involved.  Since everything is energy, and we are all connected, every such attack we make is an attack on everyone – ourselves included.  It’s a pretty sure way to put the kibosh on any positive manifestations, or at least slow them down.


But by the same principle… every act of kindness we perform is and act of kindness toward everyone… ourselves included. :)


No doubt you’ve heard the story of the two dogs fighting in each person’s heart (or wolves, depending on the version). One is love, the other is hate, and they are always fighting. Which one wins?  The one you feed the most.

During this challenging time, prepare a feast for the loving dog.  And perhaps the hateful dog, out of a desire to enjoy the meal, will be trained to love as well… and we’ll put an end to internal dog fighting. And maybe the absence of internal fighting will cultivate a world with no external fighting.  Let’s find out, shall we…?


The Dalai Lama has said,


"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."


Now, I won’t argue that it’s always easy… and may seem downright impossible at times.  But if we are honest with ourselves - and keep clearing the fear and anger inside ourselves that make kindness seem difficult – those times are fewer and farther between than we end to think. 


As a gift to ourselves and others, let’s keep challenging ourselves to be kind (civil, courteous, respectful…) – even when it is seemingly impossible.




I hope this will help: Being Kind (What the world really needs now...) 




II. News and Information

(If any of the links don’t work, try cutting and pasting them into your browser.)

A Stimulus Package to Support YOu During this Challenging Time!


I've put together a package of calls to help you cultivate your Money Magnet Mindset - your Vibrant Health - and even greater Self-Love... and because times are tough for so many, it's offered as pay-what-you-can.  I hope you will find it helpful: 


I'm Doing More Live Tapping!


One of the best ways to boost your immune system is to lower your stress. To support folks during this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic, I will be doing two Facebook Live presentations: for Fearless Actors on Thursday, May 21st at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern/8pm UK and for Fearless Writers (along with my wife Christy) on Friday, May 22nd at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern/10pm UK


They say cooler heads will prevail... let's tap for that.


New Playlist: Tapping Through a Crisis


In case you didn't see this, I've created a new playlist to support folks during the current situation... and keep adding new videos:

Tapping Through a Crisis


Tap into Fearless Acting!


This powerful month-long program with daily videos and weekly live calls (with my good friend Dena Tyler from the Actors Studio) - will start again on June 1st! Check it out here:

Fearless Acting



Tap into YES!


Stop saying "no" to the life of your dreams! You can now register for the life-changing tag-team workshops I will be doing with my friend Steve Wells - an amazing tapping coach from Down Under. We'll be guiding you with our signature styles of tapping to help you clear limiting beliefs and behaviors so you can say "YES!" to your best life!  


We still have one more live call next week!  Tap into YES!


We are still expecting to do the two events in Australia in November:

Sydney - November 7-8
Perth - November 14-15  


Here’s where you’ll find info: Events Calendar 


And if you know someone who might enjoy a live tapping event, please share this info with them - thank you! :)


Tap into Network Marketing Success!


You asked, we answered!  There have been multiple requests for Jessie Reimers and me to make this powerful program available at any time - we previously only ran it as a real-time event.  But now you can go through this life and career-changing month-long program whenever you like!  Check it out here:

Tapping into Network Marketing Success


Questions About Tapping…?


I shot a video answering a number of the most frequent questions I get about tapping.  You can see it here:


Suggestions on How to Tap



A Garden of Emotions


My friend Penny Eifrig asked me to contribute on a new book to introduce tapping to children. Unlike “The Wizard’s Wish,” this one is made up of ten videos for kids on the kinds of issues they tend to face each day.  You can order it here.


A Garden of Emotions


If you order both books, you can get free shipping by entering the code YATES at checkout! 



Have you tried Club MagTap…?


If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. And if you continue to think and feel the way you always thought and felt, you are going to always do what you’ve always done. You need to change your mind if you want to change your life.


If you are ready to step up your game in terms of cultivating a more successful mindset, I encourage you to take a look at:


The Magnificent Tappers Club


It’s like BeachBody On Demand for your mindset. And while folks often tell me how much they love MagTap, there are some new resources I’ll be adding over the next week or so to make the club even more useful. :)



Videos on FaceBook!

If you follow me on FaceBook, you may have noticed that I am now posting videos each day at 8am Pacific. With over 900 to choose from, it’s easy to do this. This gives you a chance to revisit some old favorites as well as be introduced to videos you didn’t even know I had. And if you don’t already follow me on FaceBook, you can do so here:

These also get posted on Twitter:

And I've finally started to post videos on Instagram:


Got Mug...?

Looking for that perfect gift...?

You can now own a replica of the coffee mug from my very first video: 
Tap O' the Mornin' with Brad Yates - EFT. I know... you've been wanting it for ages, and I'm sorry it took me so long to make it available. ;) It makes a great gift for your favorite tapper...even if that's you. ;)


(also available as a travel mug...) ;)

Click the picture to get it. (BTW - All proceeds go to charity.) :)

Knowledge is power...

If you want to know how and why you might be stopping yourself from having more money – and what to do about that – I encourage you to watch this potentially life-changing educational video:

Changing your relationship to moneyEven if you already have the Money Beyond Belief program, you may find this video beneficial.

My Videos with Subtitles... or even Dubbed!

Know someone who could benefit from tapping, but doesn't speak English? Maybe one of these will help. These folks have generously translated videos (either transcribed, dubbed or subtitled):



“The Wizard’s Wish” 


While this is now available on Kindle, you can also still purchase a physical book – makes a great gift! And you can even get it from Amazon Europe now!


You can even read it online! :)


And – There are now 26 translations of The Wizards’ Wish - I just uploaded the new Albanian version!!! Check ‘em out here:

The Wizard’s Wish Translations 






Every other Monday at noon Pacific my good friend Nicole Whitney and I – and sometimes a caller – will be tapping – and maybe even squeeze in a guided imagery – to help you make the week the best it can be.


For other upcoming events, go here:




My most recent videos: 


Feeling Bored?

Being Open to Opportunities

Being Inconvenienced

Are You Doing Enough...?






Hundreds of hours of success-enhancing/ limitation-busting (and fun!) tapping recordings – check ‘em out today for just one dollar ($1)!!!


The next official Magnificent Tappers Club exclusive teleclass will be tomorrow:


May 19 @ 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK


There are classes each Tuesday!  


Live classes are powerful - join us if you can.

If you are already a member, the call-in information is on the MagTap page - just log-in to find it.


If you can’t make it to the teleclass, it will be posted at the beginning of next month – along with other new recordings. “Membership has its rewards.” :)



Still not a member yet…? What are you waiting for...?

A special discount off the $1 entry fee…? ;)


Magnificent Tappers Club


BTW - If you like my guided imageries, there’s a whole page of those in the MagTap club.





Have you seen these? I am very blessed to have attracted wonderful people who were willing to take the time to translate some of my videos into other languages. Please share this link with anyone you feel could benefit from it.


And if you wish to add to this list, I'd be grateful. :)


And – there are translations of The Wizards’ Wish!!!

Check ‘em out here:

The Wizard’s Wish Translations


Please let folks know – thanks!






…are made possible thanks to the sales of a number of fine programs designed to support you in creating a life filled with an ever greater abundance of health, wealth and happiness… including: 

The EFT Wizard’s Big Book of Tapping Scripts

Confidence Beyond Belief with Steve G. Jones

Money Beyond Belief with Dr. Joe Vitale

Love Beyond Belief with Nicole Whitney

Body Beyond Belief with Christopher Pinckley

Belief Beyond Belief

Beauty Beyond Belief

Loving your Body with Sandy Zeldes

Riches Beyond Belief

Tapping into Greatness

Business Beyond Belief with Kate Beeders

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From Resentment to Forgiveness

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Sleep Beyond Belief with Bev Roberts


You can find these and even more resources at my site:


Thank you for your patronage. :)


Money-Making Opportunity


Did you know you can earn commissions by sharing my work? Check it out here:




III. Tap o the Week


Too much of a good thing can be... well, too much.  I hope this might help; you curb your appetite (even for things other than food... feel free to change the words as needed).


Compulsive Mastication - Eating to Feel Better

(New to tapping? See:  Intro to EFT/Tapping)

If you'd like to tap a bit longer, be sure to check out the Magnificent Tappers Club!  Go here to access hundreds of hours of life-enhancing audios for only $1


Tapping on a daily basis will help you create the life of health, wealth and happiness you deserve. And the great life you create will benefit others, too. So, thanks for doing that. :)

(Of course, it's also great if those others tap, too, so thank you for sharing this...)




IV. Must-See Links and Resources



Healthy Nurses - Healthy Nation


This is a fantastic initiative to promote wellness among these amazing healthcare workers… and I’m very happy that EFT/Tapping is part of Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation! If you’d like to help introduce and promote tapping to these folks, you can tell your experiences, promote how tapping helps you, and share with all their colleagues, etc.


It’s FREE for anyone to sign up on You can sign up as an individual (use your name or company name). When you sign up, click that you’d like to get notified when someone responds to your post.  


EFT Tapping discussions are in the QUALITY of  LIFE domain (section). Post whatever you’d like to promote tapping. 


Nurses, and others in the medical community, talking about how great and effective tapping is, can, and hopefully will, create quite a buzz on the site!  


Everyone can also post on "healthy nurse, healthy nation" Facebook page.






Tapping in the Classroom 


There are many of us who would love to see tapping introduced in the classroom… imagine kids having access to this powerful tool at a young age…! 

My brilliant friend Dr. Peta Stapleton has come up with a fantastic course for teachers and others who want to effectively introduce tapping to children.  I encourage you to check it out: 

Tapping in the Classroom 


And Peta's new book The Science Behind Tapping (Hay House) is available! 

Check it out here -  

I hope you'll enjoy my interview with Peta about this book on my show "Get Ready!"

Dr. Peta Stapleton & The Science Behind Tapping on Get Ready with Brad Yates




New Kajabi App!


I love using Kajabi for my website!  If you sell content online, I encourage you to Check out Kajabi here!  And now they have an app for making it easier for folks to use content that is on Kajabi sites(which is a growing number of programs from a lot of great teachers!)


Many of my customers want to be able to learn while they’re out and about.

Well, I have great news!

You can now get all of my content right on your phone. All you need to do
is head over to and download the
free Kajabi app.


What's Kajabi?

It's the platform I use to host my entire online business, including all of
my products and my entire library of content.


Once you download the free Kajabi app, go ahead and sign in with the email
you use for my Tap with Brad courses and content, and that's it!


With the new mobile app feature, you'll be able to read or watch all of my
content right from your phone. The app also automatically saves your progress,
even when you switch between sessions and devices.


I've already been playing with it and I'm amazed at how simple and easy it
is to navigate and access my content. I know you're going to love it.



Go ahead and download the Kajabi app and you'll have Tap with Brad
right in your pocket - along with any other Kajabi-based programs you've gotten from other teachers! 






There are links to various fantastic people - and their fantastic programs designed to support you in living the most fantastic life possible - here:






If you haven’t been to this site, you are missing out. NFTS is ranked by Google as the #1 Life-Changing Talk Radio Show on the Internet. You’ll find lots of great interviews to enhance your life – including several with yours truly.


Please also support this amazing resource – lots of material to strengthen your spiritual connection, so it’s a great place to tithe.




V. Tapping Transcription: Dealing with Stuff



Think of something you have to deal with that might be causing you to be upset. Even if you can’t change it, perhaps you can change how you feel about it… ;)


Side of the Hand: Even though I have to deal with this,

I choose to love and accept myself.

Even though I have to deal with this,

I choose to love and forgive myself.

Even though I have to deal with this…

And it’s a pain in the butt,

It’s inconvenient

And I’m really bothered that I have to do it,

and it’s really messing with my life.

I have better things to do.

And even though I have to deal with this,

I choose to deeply and completely

love and forgive and accept myself

and all these people who are inconveniencing me…

I’m sure they are doing it on purpose,

Just to make my life more difficult.

Or maybe not…


Eyebrow Point: All this inconvenience

Side of the Eye: All this inconvenience

Under the Eye: All this stuff I have to do

Under the Nose: all this stuff I have to do

Under the Mouth: it just makes life so much more challenging

Collarbone: takes more time

Under the Breast: and sometimes

Under the Arm: I get concerned I won’t find a parking place

Top of the Head: or something’s not going to work out the way I want it to


EB: so there may even be a level of fear

SE: or I won’t get it solved in enough time

UE: and I’m going to be late for something

UN: and there will be negative consequences

UM: maybe unconsciously

CB: I’m worrying about a lot of consequences

UB: that could happen

UA: but most likely won’t

TH: there are just things to handle


EB: thing that need to be taken care of

SE: like eating and brushing my teeth

UE: it would be so much easier

UN: if everything was just taken care of for us

UM: if I never had to brush my teeth

CB: if I never had to take out the garbage

UB: if I never had to clean anything

UA: if I never had to look for a parking place

TH: I wish I could manifest a world


EB: where everything shows up instantly

SE: and until I do

UE: I’m justified in being ticked off!

UN: I have a right to be frustrated

UM: I have a right to be angry

CB: at all these people

UB: who are in my way

UA: taking up my parking spots

TH: driving slow in front of me


EB: Having too many items in the express checkout lane

SE: all these things that show up

UE: that inconvenience me

UN: and make me angry

UM: ‘cause they are wasting my time

CB: I have a right to be angry

UB: and part of me really enjoys being angry about it

UA: and maybe that’s why I manifest it

TH: “I haven’t been good and angry for awhile…”


EB: “I need to manifest something that pisses me off!”

SE: “Oooh… no parking spots!”

UE: “I can get angry about that!”

UN: And I do have that option

UM: and no one can stop me

CB: but is it really working for me?

UB: and is it really necessary?

UA: is there a law

TH: that I have to be angry about this?


EB: there isn’t

SE: I’m not required to get angry

UE: I could say

UN: “It’s just something to deal with”

UM: like gravity

CB: it’s inconvenient at times

UB: but it’s just one of those challenges

UA: of living in time and space

TH: there are all kinds of challenges


EB: some are big and some are small

SE: and I’ve been programmed to react in a certain way

UE: If I’ve been raised by people

UN: who reacted differently

UM: I’d react differently

CB: all this programmed frustration

UB: all this need to be frustrated

UA: what if, when I was a kid

TH: my parents had looked at challenges


EB: in a different way

SE: “Hmm… it’s hard to find a parking place…”

UE: “We’ve got a treasure hunt!”

UN: “Let’s go looking for a parking place”

UM: “There’s a prize for the first person to find one!”

CB: what if they had made a game of it

UB: rather than being frustrated?

UA: because there are people out there

TH: who aren’t getting angry


EB: and they’re not crazy

SE: neither are the people getting angry

UE: but I have a choice

UN: I have a choice

UM: I can say

CB: “Here’s an opportunity”

UB: “to practice manifestation”

UA: “I choose to manifest a parking spot”

TH: and with what I know about the Law of Attraction


EB: manifestation happens more easily

SE: and more quickly

UE: when I’m feeling really good

UN: when I’m in a situation that I wish to change

UM: what’s going to change it more quickly?

CB: getting really angry

UB: or finding out how good I can feel?

UA: either way,

TH: what if it took just as long to find a parking spot


EB: or whatever else I wish to change

SE: if it takes the same amount of time

UE: better to spend that time feeling good rather than angry

UN: even if it doesn’t change how quickly I change the situation

UM: it will have all kinds of other benefits

CB: it benefits my life

UB: to feel really good

UA: and these inconveniences can’t change that

TH: I’m not obligated to feel bad


EB: because there’s an inconvenience

SE: I’m setting myself free

UE: to find ways to feel good

UN: to be unconditionally happy

UM: to be unreasonably happy

CB: I get to feel good no matter what

UB: even when there’s an inconvenience

UA: I choose to handle it feeling good

TH: in body, mind and spirit


Take a deep breath… and a drink of water.





VI. Closing Quotation


"Our life is what our thoughts make it. A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him."

 - James Allen





Thanks for reading! Please let me know how I might be of further service as you clear emotional pain and embrace the joyful success you so richly deserve!

Be Magnificent!




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