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Tap o' the Week - This is probably why you're hanging onto it...

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Hey -!


I hope you are ready for an awesome week... and I'm here to help you make it so. :)


One way to make things better: Weekly live teleclasses! (They continue tomorrow!) These weekly live calls are one of the many perks of the Magnificent Tappers Club - good for body, mind and soul. Check it out here: Magnificent Tappers Club   (Get access for just $1...!)


There's a bunch of beneficial (potentially life-changing) information below - please check it out.  But first...


Here’s this week’s new video:


The extent to which we are not experiencing what we say we want - including health goals - tends to be the extent to which we are resisting it... and it's generally about safety.  Fortunately, many if not most of our fears are based on misunderstandings and can be cleared, setting us free to be, do and have what we really want. :)


Needing Extra Weight For Protection (Doesn't Feel Safe to Lose It)

Remember to wash your hands before tapping on your face. ;) 


FYI -  you can search my videos by subject/keyword here:  


If you'd like to tap a bit longer, be sure to check out the Magnificent Tappers Club! Go here to access hundreds of hours of life-enhancing audios for only $1. (There are also weekly live calls!)

(New to tapping? See these: Disclaimer – Intro to EFT/Tapping)   

Did you know that you can get video suggestions each day on my FaceBook page? (And Twitter. )


Tapping on a daily basis will help you create the life of health, wealth and happiness you deserve. And the great life you create will benefit others, too. So, thanks for doing that. :)

(Of course, it's also great if those others tap, too, so thank you for sharing this...)

Be Magnificent!



Stuff Ya Gotta Check Out



Stimulus Package! I am extending the offer on a special pay-what-you-can package of tapping programs to enhance your physical, emotional and financial well-being - click here for more info.


I've added some more videos to the Tapping Through a Crisis playlist. Find it on YT, or use:


Did you see my new groups on FaceBook?  Join us! :)

Tap with Brad Social Club

Tapping into Abundance

Fearless Actors

Fearless Writers

Fearless Musicians

Fearless Artists


Does your childhood shape your success?


It may seem a strange thing to think about, but modern mind science is proving with ever-increasing certainty that, more than anything else, it's your childhood that shapes your success in adulthood.

The question is: At this moment, is your childhood helping or sabotaging your success?

This 30-second quiz reveals the surprising answer (I hope you're sitting down):




Got Swag...?


Let folks know about tapping with style!  Tap with Brad Swag Shop


Tapping Resources


My buddy Gene  Monterastelli has created a list of coronavirus-related tapping resources - check them out here:



Tapping into Network Marketing Success is back! This powerful program I created with network marketing superstar Jessie Reimers is now available - you can get it here: TINMS


In order to spread the benefits of Tapping, I'm doing posts along the lines of "Life happens... Tapping helps."  Please keep letting more folks know that #tappinghelps. :)


Tapping for Kids (and Grown-ups)


If you've ever wanted to introduce Tapping to a group, you might find some ideas and inspiration from my friend Penny Eifrig in this presentation:




We did a book together called A Garden of Emotions. You can find out more about the book at the Eifrig Publishing website at, where you can get discounts for schools and orgs (up to free!), buy in bulk, or purchase single copies (we donate a book for every book sold). You can also contribute to help us give books to groups facilitating EFT Tapping with kids The non-profit Random Acts of Reading collects funds at Thank you!! If you know of a group, school, organization that would benefit from free copies of A Garden of Emotions, or would like to help make that possible for schools in need, please contact Penny at 


The offer is still live to get free shipping if you buy both of my hardcover books from Eifrig Publishing, using code YATES at checkout.


New Kajabi App!


I love using Kajabi for my website!  If you sell content online, I encourage you to Check out Kajabi here!  And now they have an app for making it easier for folks to use content that is on Kajabi sites(which is a growing number of programs from a lot of great teachers!)


Many of my customers want to be able to learn while they’re out and about.

Well, I have great news!

You can now get all of my content right on your phone. All you need to do
is head over to and download the
free Kajabi app.


What's Kajabi?

It's the platform I use to host my entire online business, including all of
my products and my entire library of content.


Once you download the free Kajabi app, go ahead and sign in with the email
you use for my Tap with Brad courses and content, and that's it!


With the new mobile app feature, you'll be able to read or watch all of my
content right from your phone. The app also automatically saves your progress,
even when you switch between sessions and devices.


I've already been playing with it and I'm amazed at how simple and easy it
is to navigate and access my content. I know you're going to love it.


Go ahead and download the Kajabi app and you'll have Tap with Brad
right in your pocket - along with any other Kajabi-based programs you've gotten from other teachers!  




Live Teleclasses on Tuesdays!


The weekly teleclasses are now part of the Magnificent Tappers Club!

So, if you are already a member of the MagTap Club, this will be an added bonus on top of all the other material already part of your membership!

If you aren't already a member, you will get this ecourse plus all the other great resources the club has to offer!  (And for a lower price than my previous monthly teleclasses!)

Check it out here: Magnificent Tappers Club


Did you see my new videos with my daughter... 10 years after our series of videos for kids...? 

Tapping for Teens & Young Adults


Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this powerful series...

Become Unstoppable – And Help Others Do the Same!


All of the recordings are now available for you whenever you choose to take advantage of this program, in which I will help you clear the internal blocks that stop you from success – and proceeds go to support the Unstoppable Foundation, an amazing program that seeks to end poverty in the world, primarily through the power of education. 


Tap Into Your Unstoppable Self


Live Workshops 


If you like my videos, you'll love a live workshop... and I can hardly wait for my next opportunity to get out there and tap with you all.  I'm always open to suggestions of places to come and venues.  When events are scheduled, you'll find 'em here: Calendar of Events

Is there anywhere in your life where you feel like you're sitting at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green...?  Stop saying no to the life you really want - join me at my upcoming life-changing not-to-be-missed workshops with Steve Wells! 


Tap Into YES - Become the person you wish to be... Create the life you wish to live! 

Sydney - November 7-8
Perth - November 14-15  


Join us if you can!  Here’s where you’ll find more info: Events Calendar 


Sign up today for the Early Bird Discount! 


In case you missed our Tap into YES! webinar, you can catch the replay here:  Tap into YES



And if you know someone who might enjoy a live tapping event, please share this info with them - thank you! :)  (You can even do so as an affiliate and earn a commission.) 




Tap App!

My tap app is now available in Google Play for AndroidsAmazon Apps and the iTunes App Store! I keep getting e-mails from folks saying they LOVE it! :)



Have you checked out "Too happy to hate" yet...? I hope you will get involved on FaceBook and Twitter. :)



I have hundreds of other videos online.  Find them all here: 


More resources to enhance your success mindset:

Transformational Products – Teleclasses & Sessions

Also find me on:


Thank you for tapping (and sharing tapping with others…) :)

(And if someone shared this with you, check this out: Gifts!)

Thanks for reading! Please let me know how I might be of further service as you clear emotional pain and embrace the joyful success you so richly deserve!



Affiliate Disclosure: I only recommend products that I've either personally checked out myself or that come from people I know and trust. For doing so I may receive compensation. Your results may vary from any described.


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