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Learn how to tell if people are enjoying your content
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No matter if you're new to conversion rate optimization (CRO) work or are a seasoned veteran, you'll likely be asking the same questions about your website visitors: 

- Are people enjoying my content?
- Is my page organized effectively?
- Why aren't more people converting into customers?

Today we share a framework for answering these questions--including which of our tools to use when doing your research.

- The Lucky Orange Team

5 real-world conversion optimization questions answered

Whether your goal is better form design, sales funnel optimization or something more specific to your business, CRO can help.

And the reality is most businesses face similar questions about what's actually happening on their website.  Here are five powerful ​​​examples of questions we get all the time along with action you can take to find a solution.


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How to drive major growth by becoming your team's CRO expert

A CRO expert is someone who studies website visitor behavior to create a better website and increase conversions.

Who this is within a company depends on a variety of factors. It could be a marketer, a customer support manager, a developer or even a combination of people. 

In this article, we highlight several roles that can become CRO experts and show you how to do it yourself--if you're up to the challenge.


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📬 Other goodies

How to create better A/B tests with UX data
(via Debutify)

While most testing will lead to some sort of takeaway, there is such a thing as a bad test. Learn how to apply what you find in your Lucky Orange analysis to your next A/B test.

How to find a manufacturer or supplier for your product idea
(via Shopify)

One of the more intimidating parts of developing a new product is choosing a manufacturer or supplier. This article from our friends at Shopify does a great job of breaking down the basics of sourcing a supplier including specific ideas of where to start your research. 

P.S. If we were to launch a free educational course, what would you want to learn about? Let us know here.


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