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It’s Time To Stop Sniffling Through Spring

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Can You Kick Seasonal Allergies Naturally?  - By Madeline Reiss, featuring Dr. Jeremy Wolf, N.D.
Whats the telltale sign of spring for you? Is it the weather finally breaking and the trees starting to bloom? Or is it relentless itchy eyes and a runny nose that has you reaching for the antihistamines?

To put it simply, allergies are an immune system overreaction to allergens. This triggers the annoying puffy eyes, sneezing, and congestion that can leave you stuck inside on gorgeous spring days. While conventional drugs may relieve allergy symptoms, they dont address the root cause and often come with side effectslike heavy drowsiness that can leave you nodding off at your desk.

So whats the solution? We talked to our ND, Dr. Jeremy Wolf, about a few natural remedies to help keep you from sniffling through an entire season!
Treating Allergies Through Diet
Treating Allergies Through Diet

When it comes to diet, Dr. Wolf says, natural substances such as quercetin, stinging nettles, bromelain, vitamin-C, and omega 3 fatty acids may help kick the allergy symptoms. You can find many of these ingredients in every day foods such as onions and berries for quercetin, salmon and fatty fish for omega 3s, citrus fruits for vitamin c and pineapple for bromelain. Incorporating anti-inflammatory foods can help keep your immune system strong so it can help fight off common allergies.

Try Homeopathic Formulas
Try Homeopathic Formulas

There are some homeopathic remedies that are more commonly used for allergies than others, says Dr. Wolf. One of these is Allium Cepa, a formula made from onions. If you think about the symptoms you experience when chopping an onion (burning and watery discharge from the eyes and nose) it makes sense that this may be used to combat allergies. This follows the homeopathic principle of like cures like.

You can also try combination remedies which include a variety of single remedies that are commonly used to treat allergies. The idea is if you take a variety of different remedies, your body is likely to react to one of them.

An important note from Dr. Wolf: there isnt one homeopathic remedy for allergies that trumps others, as it depends on the individual and the symptoms a person is experiencing. This is why you should always talk to your physician before starting a new supplement or treatment.

Can Eating Local Honey Prevent Allergies?
Can Eating Local Honey Prevent Allergies?

A common practice touted in the wellness world is taking a tablespoon of local raw honey every day in the weeks prior to allergy season. When asked, Dr. Wolf said he doesnt currently recommend this practice to his patients due to a lack of evidence, however the theory behind it is sound. The thought process is that if you eat local honey, you might be ingesting local pollen, and over time you may become less sensitive to pollen which could result in fewer allergy symptoms. Remedies such as allergy shots and sublingual drops use the same approachdesensitizing the body to allergens.

So talk with your doctor about your options, and consider taking a natural route to allergy prevention this season. Youll be enjoying the outdoors in no time!

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Doctor's Bio Doctor's Bio
Dr. Jeremy Wolf is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician (N.D.). He completed his four-year medical training from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) and Health Sciences graduating with high honors. Prior to receiving his Doctorate, Dr. Wolf received his Bachelors in Science with a focus in Biology from Towson University. Dr. Wolf's medical focus is based on Herbal Medicines, Health Supplements, Homeopathy, Pediatrics, Nutrition and Physical Medicine. He has also had extensive training in Therapeutic Nutrition. Dr. Wolf's medical philosophy is based on a healthy balance of diet, exercise and proper nutrition to aid in the reversal of disease and stimulate the body's innate ability to heal itself.
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