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Plus, learn how to mix + match your dining chairs and table. Plus, learn how to mix + match your dining chairs and table.

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Plus, learn how to mix + match your dining chairs and table.
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Plus, learn how to mix + match your dining chairs and table.
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Mix + Match Your Dining Chairs and Table
For decades, dining "sets" have been a go-to for furnishing this all-important space in the home. Purchasing an out-of-the-box matching set is an easy way to complete a room once and for all, but to make a room feel curated and special, the key is often about coordinating pieces rather than matching them.
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Mix Styles, Match Finishes
One of the most basic ways to create a more complex dining set is to mix up styles and shapes—but use one consistent type and finish of wood. Sticking to a certain wood finish narrows down the pool of choices, but still leaves a bevy of options that don't have to be anywhere near matching.
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Keep it Monochromatic
Disparate shapes, styles and finishes can be unified by sticking to a single color, ideally black or white. This can even help bring together various materials, if working with a selection of chairs and tables in metals, woods, plastics or even marble.
Combine styles and silhouettes, no matter how different they may seem. Using the same color allows multiple standout designs to have a seat at the table without overwhelming each other.
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Pair Bold Colors
Try choosing one bold shade that can bring together different furniture pieces. The key here is to maintain a common language among the shapes found between the tables and chairs—for example, if working with a curvaceous table, look for that same shape in chairs as well. If going with colored chairs, a neutral table is a no-fail way to keep it all in line.
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A Mixed Approach
Mixing a dining table and dining chairs from different eras, different finishes, and different design styles can help create an approachable elegance that is calming and articulate. An even easier method is to pick out a chair design that has several colors to choose from.
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