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The Edit: The Evolution of the Task Lamp.

Plus, how to choose the right sofa and more. Plus, how to choose the right sofa and more.

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Plus, how to choose the right sofa and more.
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Plus, how to choose the right sofa and more.
The Evolution of the Task Lamp
A far cry from the shadow-casting flame that once illuminated desks and workspaces around the globe, the modern task lamp has evolved to include intelligent features like touch-responsive dimmability and wireless induction charging.
From the first adjustable, electric desk lamps in 1921 to the latest—and slimmest—smart designs on the market, the evolution of task lamps is deeply tied to their very function: the desire to shed a better light on the task at hand.
The Edit
The Guides:
How to Choose a Sofa
A sofa is one of the largest furniture purchases (both size-wise and price-wise) when furnishing a home, so it's important to find the right fit. This guide will walk through the different sizes and options of couches and sofas to better understand what works best for each space.
The Guides:
Living Room Lighting Guide
While the living room is easily the most comfortable and versatile space in a home, its broad convenience can make it difficult to design and reach the pinnacle of form and function—especially when it comes to lighting. It is important to evaluate what you're using the room for and structure the lighting to serve those needs.
Here, we’ll walk through some bright ideas to make sure your living room can accommodate its many functions.
The Guides:
Rug Buyer's Guide
An area rug provides warmth, defines a space and provides the foundation for the style of a room. There are many considerations involved in buying a rug including location, size, color, pattern and durability.
Our rug buyer's guide will show you how to find the right rug size for the room, how to place it, decide which material works best and see the differences between various weaving techniques.
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