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Bone And Joint Health - Tips To Ensure It!

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Health Tip

Bone And Joint Health - Tips To Ensure It!

Staying healthy involves a wholesome state of being where the mind and body are in perfect sync. A less than properly......

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Top health questions

I have a back pain problem today I travel in a motorbike I come back home the pain was all around my back how do I recover it please help me....

Dr. Karuna Chawla answered

Homeopathy Doctor • 24 Years experience

Below are exercises that strengthen the lower back and help manage lower back pain: url/articles/323204. Php#seated-lower-back-rotational-stretches 1. Bridges—lie on the ground and bend the knees, ...... more

Hlo doc please tell me how to gain the weight. My age is 25 and height is 5.5.but my weight is in between 42-43 kg. And during eating I feel nausea please tell me what to do to increase weight.

Dt. Nidhi Sawhney answered

Dietitian/Nutritionist • 11 Years experience

You have to increased proteins and carbohydrates in your diet. Add protein rich products like milk and its products like cottage cheese, paneer, khoa, quinoa, egg whites, lean meats, nuts,fruits an...... more

Hello sir/mam I have exposure of receiving oral sex from a man for only 10 second. After this incident I became depressed and took an rapid hiv antibody test. The kit used is comb aids rs and I have taken this test in ictc centre. It was negative. I have taken this rapid test at 5 months and 20 days after exposure. I have asked ictc department they said you have a very low risk exposure so testing at 5 months and 20 days is conclusive. So is this test conclusive or I need further testing?

Dr. Girish Dani answered

Gynaecologist • 48 Years experience

Hiv-4th generation test which tests both antibodies and p24 antigen. After 4 months of exposure if negative is reasonably reliable.

Hello sir i'm 17 my hair was very good one year ago but after that my hair become rough and curly then hair fall started so I shaved my head clean two month ago but now the new hair coming are too hard and some are white also what.

Dr. S.K. Tandon answered

Sexologist • 39 Years experience

Best opinion is by skin cosmotic specialist apply patanjali kesh kanti hair oil and shampoo and massage well. Protein rich foods.

Hi Dr. regarding my baby rotavirus vaccine first dose of rotavirus given using rotarix but second dose of that given with some other brand. Am not sure about the brand name (saw plastic tube like one). Will it cause any problem to my baby or do I need to put that vaccine one more. Shall I leave this vaccine as two doses are given pls advise.

Dr. Mihir Patel answered

Pediatrician • 13 Years experience

Hi lybrate-user actually some rota virus brands can be interchanged with one another but not all brands your doctor will be the right person to solve your query because second rotavirus vaccine bra...... more

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