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Dieting Still Not Losing Weight - Know The Reasons!

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Dieting Still Not Losing Weight - Know The Reasons!

Physical exercises and dieting go hand in hand for reducing weight. You sometimes believe that there are many food it......

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Top health questions

Hiv treated at 4th week, and western blot at 5th week, tridot at 12th week, and again treated 4 month (120 days) results are negative. 100% conclusion or I need any test in future? Plzzz.

Dr. Prakhar Singh answered

General Physician • 6 Years experience

Now a days hiv tests are more accurate and should be conclusive especially after 80 days of exposure. If it is negative it means you are hiv negative. Let's have a detailed discussion for better ad...... more

Hi my wife who is 28 years of age is having multiple lumps in both breast. We had mammography 4 months back n the doctor said it's non cancerous no need to worry, she prescribed novex 30 mg daily for 3 months n told if the size of the lumps will decrease after 3 months medication then she has to continue novex 30 mg for another 3 months. So after completion of the medicine we went to her n she was mammography again. N the doctor said few lumps sizes has decreased n few new lumps has occurred. Now no need to take medicine just have mammography after every 3-4 months. So is there any risk? Is multiple lumps are common? Or can it be developed in cancerous lump in future?

Dr. Ankit Verma answered

Oncologist • 6 Years experience

First of all mammography is not to be done before the age of 30 yrs, its not indicated and will not be useful before 30-35 years get usg breast done for follow up instead if new lumps are arising i...... more

Hey my name is zuha I am 26 years I recently had a miscarriage and was suggested to take ovral l tablet to regulate my periods. I used to bleed for 8 days normally before miscarriage but after I took these tablets I started bleeding only for 5 days, with stomach pain (not a severe one but a kind of cramps or pinch pain in lower abdominal area) throughout periods and for next 2 days even after periods I have been taking those tablets since 2 months now. I got my periods for 5 days and then after a week, I had to travel somewhere and I missed my tablets for 2 days as I did not carry them with me, and I got my periods d next day again and today is 15th day even now I have spotting I continued taking those tablets but that dint help plus to add on this my 21 tablets strip gets over tomorrow and it means I have to again wait for my next period and then start taking the new strip from the 3rd day and I am really scared if I continue bleeding once I stop the tablets please help I don’t understand what should I do.

Dr. S.K. Tandon answered

Sexologist • 39 Years experience

Ok you do not need to worry because your bleeding is because of progesterone withdrawal. You were prescribed tablets by a doctor, so the decision to stop tablets will also takin by doctor. Because ...... more

Please advise the exercise for sleep disc effect. For which I am suffering from sever back pain. Precautions required if any.

Dr. Subhabrata Hore(pt) answered

Physiotherapist • 6 Years experience

Spinal extension exercises. Back muscle strengthening exercises. And stretching exercises. Precaution- don't bend your body. Don't pull or lift any object during bending.

What can I take for vitamin b12 deficiency please. Blood test reports show that vit b12 is low- what foods or meds can I take?

Dt. Bhavika J Sharma answered

Dietitian/Nutritionist • 8 Years experience

Dietary inclusion of sprouts, fermented foods will help. And for a month you can take multivitamin tablets as prescribed by your doctor.

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