The "Real" Russian Sleep Experiment (and how to escape it)...

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

There was a kid back in the 60's who wanted to win a science fair, so he conducted an experiment:

He went a whopping 11 days without sleep in order to break the world record - and the Nation watched him do it...

And although no long lasting damage was done to his brain, it did create serious cognitive and behavioral changes:

The longer he stayed awake the more irritable he got, his concentration got so bad - when asked to subtract seven repeatedly starting from 100, he stopped at 65 saying he had forgotten what he was doing - and started hallucinating heavily, talking to things and people that weren't there...


During those 11 days he was practically a senseless, directionless and unproductive sack of meat...

But you don't need to go 11 days to see that sleep deprivation can hit you harder than the rear end of a horse when trying to focus on any task, let alone a mental one...

We also know it translates poorly to health and ageing.

And yet:

Sleep deprivation is on the rise...

We go out and exercise less, sit in front of screens more, we live in cities with light pollution and car noises... It's no wonder little Timmy can't sleep when he's on the phone all night.


What do?

Well, if you sit around all day, perform a few mental tasks here and there and load yourself up with sugar-infused carbs (which, surprise! Will keep you awake better than a 4 y/o child) you'll have a hard time sleeping...


I'm a strong believer in "earning" your sleep - through a mix of both mental and physical performance during the day.

And, it all starts in crucial first minutes of the morning...

When I wake up and start a short, 10 minute workout (stretches, squats and jumping jacks) to get my heart pumping, followed immediately by a light, whole food breakfast.

Now, why is this important?

Because within the first 15 minutes of the day I'll have checked off two things on my to-do list - exercise and a healthy breakfast - which builds a "productivity momentum" I use over the span of the day.

And the beauty of it is:

The more productive my day gets - the more I'll have accomplished, and the more I'll feel like I "deserve" a damn good night's sleep for all the work I did and feel tired enough to actually lay in bed and sleep.

And once you get that ball rolling - exercise more, accomplish more, sleep better and longer which gives you more energy to exercise more, accomplish more, sleep better and longer etc. 

You'll quickly find it isn't just "exercise" and "work" that benefit - but all aspects of your life...

But it all starts with those first 15 minutes, a good exercise and good food...

Speaking of which:

If food is a crucial part of the equation, what should I eat?

Well, I believe the cleanest, fastest and healthiest option - Our Recovery Shake - is what you should lay your sleepless eyes upon.

Packed in proteins and whole food ingredients - it serves as both a meal replacer (perfect for a light breakfast) and post workout shake.

Just pop it in the morning after your 10 minute workout and within 15 minutes of waking up you are ready to crush your day.

If that's not efficiency then I don't know what is...

Just grab a shaker, pour some water, put in the powder, shake until you get a good consistency and drink.

That simple.

And you can start taking your days (and nights) to the next level by grabbing Recovery, using the link below:
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