Was Stan Lee the greatest Fitness Coach in History?

Email sent: Jun 28, 2020 11:24pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

The late great Stan Lee is known for many a thing, but Fitness?

Probably not among the countless achievements attributed to his name...

So why do I believe it?

Because while not an athletic person himself - the characters he created were not unlike gods in their physique, sometimes - they literally were gods.

And a simple peek into the marvel cinematic universe should provide the answer you want:

To play a god, you gotta look like one.

And the moment an actor receives a contract from the high and mighty Marvel - is the moment they start hitting the gym...

And the transformations can be staggering, I mean:

Chris Pratt - The guy who played Andy in Parks and Rec suddenly finds himself in shirtless shots as the ripped lead in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Robert Downey Jr.- Iron Man forced him to be the literal iron man at the gym.

Chris Hemsworth - Went from the god of surf to the god of thunder.

And all these folks had only one thing in common, that essentially guaranteed their success at the gym (And it wasn't an army of fitness coaches working around the clock to prepare them for their roles)...

So what was?

Well, with your back against the wall the only way to move is forward...

And external pressure paired with accountability from Marvel and Stan Lee's characters is what practically forced their transformations to be a resounding success, after all, their contracts depended on it.

It's why those serious about their health often hire a personal trainer, too - not only for the good information they provide, but also the accountability that comes from sharing health goals with them - since they will actively police you into doing what you set out to achieve.

So that (unlike many) you don't hit the gym for a few days, realize it's hard, feel the muscle soreness hit you like a train, and quit saying "Well, I tried" and by lacking accountability - settling the matter right there and then.

But let's be honest:

You don't need to pay someone to care about your goals...

Your close friends, your partner, your parents, your sibling - whoever you think could hold you somewhat accountable is all you really need.

And if your goal is to start actively working out, going to the gym, running or anything involving physical activity then I also advise you pair your newfound motivation and accountability, with our Recovery Shake, too...

Because after the first day or two of intense exercise - you'll find you can't even lift a feather when you realize what you unleashed upon yourself... When sore muscles prevent you from putting on your shirt and extreme fatigue starts hitting you like a heavyweight champion - knocking you out straight into sleep any chance it gets.

Which is why I firmly believe a little prevention is worth a lot more than a crap ton of cure...

And in this case?

It's what will keep you in the game not for a mere few days to one week - but an entire month.

If that's something you're looking for, you can grab our Recovery Shake using the link below:

Stay Strong,

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