Have You Tried Verify Suppliers Service?

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Dear - -,

We always value our Star Buyers and strive for excellent services you deserve.

To help you trade more safely, we offer Verify Suppliers Service to help you reduce trade risks.

Verify Suppliers Service includes verifying the following information:

  • Authenticity of supplier's email
  • Credit records of supplier's feedback & complaints
  • Audit Report certified by SGS/BV
  • On-site company overview video

Apply here and tell us the information below to serve you better:

  • The name of the supplier's company
  • The link of the supplier on our website
Apply Verify Suppliers Service Now

Any questions? Please feel free to reach us through the contact info below!


Best Regards,

Star Buyer Service Team 

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 199 5241 4564

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