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Scenario A: You swipe on his profile.

He looks great.

Maybe he even has a bio that makes you laugh.

You go back and forth, the replies turn from days to hours.

Hours to minutes. You really seem to have a lot in common.

So when he invites you out for drinks, and you have that evening off anyways…

You’re more than happy to agree.

You go out to meet him.

And… He’s nothing like on the app.

Maybe it’s the attire – way too casual, like he’s still lounging at home.

Or maybe his beard is unkempt and he looks like he woke up 10 minutes ago.

Worst of all, maybe his personality is just way too different. He doesn’t have the few minutes to think of something witty anymore, and your conversation is just dull and awkward.

I know you might be cringing already. Trust me, it gets better (I promise!).

Scenario B.

You swipe on his profile again, it’s a match again.

He ticks all the boxes so far, but your expectations are low from the last guy.

You start off well, exchanging your interests in travel, places you’ve seen…

He even likes the same music genres as you.

You ask him which artists in particular, and then…


He leaves you on delivered. Maybe he’s busy?

2, 3 days… A whole week goes by…

You think – should I text him again? Ah what’s the point anymore?

If you’ve ever used a dating app, you’re no stranger to these scenarios.

  • Different personalities online and in-person, like he’s two different people!
  • Left completely ignored.
  • Or (arguably worse) he texts back just so irregularly it’s frustrating.
  • And a myriad of others…

Things like this really make you question whether online dating is even possible.

It is impossible.

If you don’t know how to do it.

Like with anything, there’s things to learn that can make the whole process easier, faster and smoother…

And save you a lot of time by not going on any horrible dates.

Not only can you learn some tips to vet a guy before you go out to meet him…

You can also learn to notice red flags on the actual date that you might have ignored in the past.

Things that show he could be hiding his true feelings, or only looking for s*x…

And we can practice these skills together, to make sure your next date…

Is the most exciting one you’ve experienced yet!

Click HERE to find out how to easily set yourself up for really enjoyable, intriguing dates!

Mark x

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