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Email sent: Jun 11, 2021 11:54am
I'm going to be honest: it's been extremely hard to get any work done. After months of lockdown, we are blessed with beautiful weather, and the energy

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#094 | June 10th, 2021​ | Current mood: procrastinating | Artist: Jess Adams

Procrastination triggers

Hello friends,

I'm going to be honest: it's been extremely hard to get any work done. After months of lockdown, we are blessed with beautiful weather, and the energy outside is so tempting, I would rather do anything else but to stay on my laptop. As a result, I'm procrastinating.

We often think of procrastination as something bad. But it's actually very helpful. It's a symptom that something is not quite right, that our mind or our body is craving something else, or that we may need to ask for help.

Instead of feeling bad about procrastinating, say hello to your procrastination, and ask: what's going on here? And what could I do about it?

This week, you will learn about the eight most common procrastination triggers, as well as strategies to deal with them. We will also explore a fascinating phenomenon called the "praise paradox" which shows that praise can actually... Lower our self-esteem!

Finally, I recorded a short video for those of you who don't know which note-taking app they should go for. It's just 3 minutes long and many people told me this framework has been a game changer for them!

Enjoy this edition :)

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Procrastination triggers: eight reasons why you procrastinate (6 min)
Productivity systems often focus on how to do the work. However, it's crucial to understand why we are struggling to do the work in the first place. Often, our procrastination triggers are emotional rather than rational, which makes it hard to analyse them in an objective way. Let's learn about the most common triggers so you can identify and manage them.

The Praise Paradox: when well-​intended words backfire (6 min)
Most people would agree: praise is one of the most effective ways to build children’s self-esteem. We are told to be generous with our praise. But is it true that praise unequivocally raises children’s self-esteem and motivation?

What type of note-taker are you? (3 min)
The note-taking tools market is projected to reach $1.35B by 2026. The good thing is: there is a note-taking app for everyone. The not-so-great thing: it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. Watch this video to learn how you can easily pick the right tool!

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“Max Planck before and after founding and studying quantum theory.”

“What I thought Silicon Valley looked like vs what it actually looked like when I got there.”

“This is the best basketball match I have ever seen.”

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Until next week, take care!

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