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The Butterfly Effect πŸ¦‹

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#073 | January 7th, 2021​

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The Butterfly Effect.

Hi friends!

First, happy new year! Whether you spent the holiday break with your family or couldn't join them, I hope you had time and found the mental space to relax and recharge your batteries.

I'm currently in Paris and was very lucky to get to see my family. A few days ago, I celebrated my birthday. And, thanks to this wonderful video from the community, I feel like I celebrated with you all!

This week, I want to talk about two unintuitive concepts: the butterfly effect, where a tiny change in initial conditions can have an outsized effect on the outcome, and scaling down, where we apply the less-is-more effect to our daily lives.

We also have lots of amazing events coming up, including a Getting Things Done introduction, a breathwork workshop, co-working sessions, and more.

p.s. if this email looks a bit funky, let me know. I just changed email service providers and there may still be fresh paint on the walls.

Getting Things Done. Getting Things Done (aka GTD) is David Allen’s 2003 timeless classic on productivity and prioritization. Yet few people understand (let alone implement) the five steps. Khe Hy will give us a workshop on how to incorporate the methodology into our daily life. Join Β»

Brain food

​The butterfly effect: the deterministic chaos of our lives (10 min)​
The butterfly effect teaches us to acknowledge the chaotic nature of life, to be mindful of our starting conditions, to generate the best catalysts to achieve our goals, and to constantly adjust our forecast.

​Scaling down: fewer goals, relationships, and experiences (4 min)​
Scale down your consumption by buying less. Scale down your time spent at work so you can see your children grow up. Learn to let go of unnecessary or overwhelming goals, relationships, and experiences. Know when less is more, and when you have enough.

​How to use templates in Roam Research (5 min)​
The launch of templates is exciting: they will allow you to automate their workflows and free yourself from mindless repetitive tasks to focus on actual thinking. Read this short tutorial to learn how to use them.

Q&A with Steph Smith. No need to introduce Steph anymore. Self-taught developer, SEO expert, indie maker, she currently works at the Hustle, one of the most successful newsletters. Come ask her your burning questions! Join Β»

Brain candy

​Dance your PhD (Science Mag)
β€œDon’t you wish you lived in a world where you could just ask people to pull out their phones to watch an online video explaining your Ph.D. research through interpretive dance?”

​Mind-blowing books (Twitter)
β€œWhat can I read that will break my brain and cause me to never see life the same way again?”

​Missed opportunities (TikTok)
β€œLove it, couldn't wear it.” (please watch with the sound on!)

The Art & Science of Breathwork. Breathwork is a safe and natural way to quickly shift your autonomic nervous system back into a state of calm. A practical workshop delivered by Conni and Jonny. Join Β»

Brain trust

Here's a sneak peek into what's going on behind the scenes. Don't miss outβ€”if you enjoy Maker Mind, become a member to support the newsletter, expand your mind, and connect with like-minded people!

  • Co-Working Sessions. The first co-working session of the year is today! There will be sessions twice a week, on Thursdays and Saturday, led by Lukas. Make progress on your projects.
  • Improv. Join the #Improv support group to participate in the next sessions tomorrow and on Monday next week.
  • Notion Setup. Whether you're a complete beginner or a Notion expert, join this fun event where everyone can share their setup.
  • Getting Things Done. Khe Hy, founder of RadReads, will give us a workshop to learn how to actually apply the principles behind the GTD method. Register.
  • Conversations. Currently discussing the many dilemmas of parenting, transitioning from Roam to Obsidian, digital visual thinking, building a digital garden, taking care of your mental health, and more. Join the conversation.
  • Support groups. We now have groups for #Parenting, #VisualThinkers, #BookLovers, #AudioVideoCreators and more. And for specific tools for thought, there are dedicated groups for #RoamResearch, #Obsidian, #Notion, and #Evernote. Join a group or start your own!

Until next week, take care!

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