Mark Sanford 2020
Mark Sanford 2020

1000 Miles and First Steps

Email sent: Oct 22, 2019 2:38pm
They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.

We’ve taken more than a few on this, “Kids, We Are Bankrupt and Didn’t Even Know It” tour. Night before last we added many extra miles as we tried until all hours of the night to make if over the Rockies in a snowstorm that shut down interstates and state roads headed west. We did eventually make it though and had great visits in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

From there we have headed southwest and yesterday afternoon we drove through remote, but gorgeous and vast Utah landscapes. It was inspiring countryside, and accordingly I want to circle back one more time to the themes I talked about two days ago, and the purpose of this trip. I am trying in every way possible to wake people up so that we politically deal with numbers that don't add up in Washington. Doing nothing, our present course, will prove disastrous for all of us, our country and our ability to pursue the American dream. 

Every stop has yielded articles like the one I include now, and indeed hopefully generate deliberation and conversation. Every stop on our trip is an attempt to point out the obvious - that we can’t go on piling up debts, tearing down institutions or discarding political norms on civility (on both sides of the isle) without real consequences coming our way.

In doing so, I will circle back and again ask for your help. It's important and whether with $100, $50 or $25 . . . it all adds up in helping to pay for the gas on a trip like this designed to wake people up, create conversation and change things.

Once again to do so you can contribute online at, text “Sanford2020” to 225-25, or by traditional mail at Sanford 2020, PO Box 593, Sullivans Island, SC 29482

Thank you for considering this . . . and please give me your thoughts on the article below…

GOP challenger to Trump raises alarm on deficit in Pittsburgh visitPittsburgh Post Gazette 



P. O. BOX 160

Mark Sanford was ranked one of the most conservative members of Congress by the Club for Growth, Freedomworks, Heritage Foundation, and the National Taxpayers Union, and has been recognized as the most financially conservative Governor in the country by the CATO Institute, calling him "a staunch supporter of spending restraint and pro-growth tax reforms." Mark lives in Mt. Pleasant and stays busy trying to keep up with his four boys.

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