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Match Made Coffee brand ambassador program

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Email sent: Nov 20, 2020 9:14pm
A Thanksgiving tradition that my family had...
This is the last Thankfulness Newsletter before Thanksgiving, the most thankful time of the year.

I want to share with you a family tradition that we did when I was growing up and having a Thanksgiving meal at my grandparents' house.

When we sat everyone down for dinner, we would go around the table and share what we've been thankful for this year.

It always stuck with me because it made me reflect and appreciate things. And, we weren't exactly a touchy feely kind of family growing up, so doing this was a little bit outside my comfort zone.

But, I'm really glad that we did.

And it was super interesting hearing all of the things that others in the family had to say. 

Some picked big things, others picked small things, and some people brought things up that I didn't even know happened in their life.

I think it made the thankfulness of Thanksgiving a little bit more complete, and made me appreciate and contemplate life a little bit more closely.

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions you'd like to share? Maybe it's food related or something else entirely. I'd love to hear from you. If enough people respond, maybe we'll do a Thankfulness Newsletter recapping some of the ideas during the upcoming holiday weekend.

Either way, I'm so thankful that you're even reading this newsletter and are engaged with Match Made Coffee in any way at all. It's been amazing seeing this thing slowly grow over time, and it's 100% because of great people like you.

So, thank you. The rest of the team are truly grateful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, even if this year it has to be a little bit different than usual. The love and the silver linings are there if you look for it, even if it means needing to search for it in ways you didn't have to before.

I'll skip the usual gift message thankfulness sharing and include them at another time.

I just want to end on the note that I'm thankful for you and that I hope you're able to find something solid and positive to be your rock for this upcoming Thanksgiving.

Take care
Co-Founder of

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