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Royal Ascot Celebration Deal

Email sent: Jun 11, 2021 9:17am

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Royal Ascot Celebration Deal
Normally in free news I would point you to the Saturday Day Pass idea.
This week however I feel an improved option for you is something different.
In celebration of Royal Ascot next week I have knocked
up a very good deal on full membership for you.
It's a bit experimental and I worry I have set it too cheap.
The core upside of this deal is TWO discounted months of full membership.
I have a theory in my head I wanted to test out.
The service here is somewhat unusual and unique.
Many will arrive here with their minds pre twisted by normal
tipsters and normal tipster marketing hype.
We on the other hand do not want to be normal tipsters
neither in service nature nor bad behavior.
My raw as yet untested idea is that TWO months of discounted intro time
will give any new joiners a lot of more relaxed introduction time after they join up.
Over said two months of experience you will grow to better love and understand the
unique and non standard service here.
We have many existing clients who have been with us as full members for
continuous 5 year to 12 year periods. With such longer term thinking
two cheap months for you at the start is somewhat of a drop in the ocean.
The biggest upside for you is not really about winners at Royal Ascot next week,
nor about two full months of discounted rates. Instead it is about coming out the other side
and for many years intro your future with a racing analyst you respect and trust
to steer you well over the much longer term.
Any how this deal is live and open right now for you.
Joining gets you immediate full membership here.
eg join on Friday and you will be on the client list for
the Saturday 10am ish message etc.
Note on the page above I have added a sample message
from last years Day One of Royal Ascot to help demo the style
and nature of the service here to those of you not yet familiar with it.
Royal Ascot Research
The deal above should not really be considered a Royal Ascot alone deal.
Two months of Full Membership discounted rates is a lot longer than
than the five days of Royal Ascot. But that said Royal Ascot is of course
an important and interesting high class meeting Guy will be covering here.
It won't just be a case of him opening up the paper on the day and throwing a dart.
He has in fact been doing a lot of advance study and preparation already for it.
He is a mine of little known facts and information.
One little stat he was mentioning to clients yesterday was
to do with the very poor records of 7 year olds when race
distance was not too long.
Royal Ascot
Group 1 races
2m 3f and shorter
Since 1997
Horses aged 7 or more
have a poor 1-96 record
Only Sole Power managed it
So think long and hard before investing your cold hard on a 7 year old I guess.
This is just one of many private researched stats Guy will use to help
narrow down fields to more statistically sensible contenders next week.
Any races Guy is particularly looking forward to?
Well one he appears to have strong vibes for right now
would probably give him a free entry pass to an asylum for racing punters.
The Wokingham he has strong interest.
Probably about 25 runners in a 6f sprint.
Not the most easy choice of race.
He is however led by his research and stats and feels he has the data
to cut through a lot of the field.
A portion of what he has past said I have copied below for you.
I guess in defence of the race as a punting perspective
it is a race where there will be many big priced runners
so potential rewards can be high. Many punters as well will
probably be able to avail of generous bookmaker concessions
on the number of places paid out. Six or seven places for each way punters
on race day would be no shock in current times for such a race.
Heavier hitters or long term persistent winners with most of their bookie
accounts closed will of course have lesser choice.
Sadly the way of the world there.
Early Wokingham Stats
Go back to 1997

23 Wokinghams

Horses with over 25 runs

Won just 2 of the 23 renewals

I call these horses Exposed

They are at big disadvantage
As they have little improvement
And meet other horses who do
It's why just 2 of them have won

So they need something
To address that balance
And that is a recent race

The only 2 exposed winners
Raced within the last 2 weeks
Which makes prefect sense

Wokingham Handicap

Since 1997

Horses with over 25 runs

Absent more than 14 days

Have a 0-139 record in the race

We should avoid these horses

They face much bigger improvers
Without the help of a recent race

Saturday Racing
Whilst I would strongly suggest the deal on full membership is the
best value option available this week
the normal Saturday only Day Pass is also there and available for you as always.
If due to a 9-5 job or the likes Saturday only suits you best
that is grand by us.
If you have yet to book in for your Saturday feel free to do so now at
Booking close at 10am Sat morning so please book in before then
if you want included on the Saturday client list.
As ever Guy will be covering multiple Saturday races
with his research and analysis.
He sent full members a brief early look at one of them today.
Mainly raw stats and trends this is.
Guy will be doing the extra graft of comparing these stats and trends
against individual horses in time for his Saturday message.
But you are welcome to have a nosey at his early research so far
for Saturday's 3.40 at York
Saturday York 3.40

6/1 Dark Shift, 6/1 Jadwal, 13/2 Showalong
7/1 Skyrunner, 7/1 Aikido, 9/1 First Folio, 11/1 Blind Beggar
14/1 Bickerstaffe, Seven Brothers, 16/1 Blackrod
16/1 Uncle Jumbo, 20/1 Ben Macdui, Ey Up It's Maggie
20/1 Internationaldream, 25/1 Barney's Bay, Fighter Pilot
33/1 General Sago.

3yo Handicap (6f)

12 Past renewals

Just a few ideas

The highest draw is 17

York 6f Handicaps
Under 18 runners
Since 1997
Horses drawn 17 are 0-20
Horses drawn 16 are 1-32

Those high draws a worry

You want under 12 runs
All 37 that had more were beaten

Poor last runs a bad sign
Horses beaten 6 + lengths
On their last run were 1-69

Every past winner
Came from a C2-C3 Handicap

Horses with big weights
Rarely seem to win this race
Those with 9st 3lbs or more
Have a modest 1-34 record


Both had 1 run this season
Both have over 9st weight
This could be a stat to use

Class 2 Handicaps
Since 2007
Run between 5f and 9f
With fields or 9 or more

Horses with 1 run this year
Carrying 9st 1lbs or more
Have a 0-78 record
DARK SHIFT fails this
AKIDO also fails this angle

Horses from 5f races
Have a 2-58 record in this
Those with under 7 runs 0-25
Those with over 9 runs 0-17

One of the best trials for this
Any 6f Newmarket Handicap
The winners in these years
2008 2009 2011 2015 2017 2018
All came from one of those

Horses from Pattern races
Have a 0-43 record in this

Horses with 3 career starts
Have a modest 2-40 record

Horses with under 5 runs
Had a poor 2-65 record

None ran within 4 weeks (0-35)
Those with 8st 11lbs or more
Have a 0-30 record with <5 runs
Practical Quick Points
#1 - There is no planned service message on Monday.
Instead of covering Monday drabbish racing Guy will dedicate
the day to final Royal Ascot research.
Also the Docs will be slicing a small bit off him on Sunday.
Hopefully it will be to remove swelling of the head after Saturday's action
adds to the best bet of the day  4/1 winner and 20/1 each way placed over the past two days.
Quick and not life threatening serious is his Doc trip
but no Monday normal message pressure will benefit a full power Tuesday.
#2 - Some of you may have past pre booked a 10 group of Saturday credits
and you now go on to take up the Royal Ascot deal for full membership.
Burning Saturday credits whist in as a full member makes no logical sense.
Drop me a quick email if so and I will help sort you out along fair and square lines.
Anyhow that is more than enough waffle for one week.
I hope to see you in as a full member under this deal for Royal Ascot and beyond.

Best wishes

Site Admin


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