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Final(ish) farewell!

Email sent: Jan 16, 2019 5:26pm
There's one more thing!
thought we were gone eh...
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Wait wait wait! We’re not quite done yet. Well, almost, but i did have one more thing left to say.

A ton of really cool things happened in Modify’s 8-year run.
We went from being an OEM product, to designing every millimeter of our watches. We turned a summer project into a 96 month party. Rebranded from Swap to Modify. Got Rhianna to wear and post to her IG. We made watches for Ellen which she shared on her show. I managed to convince my wife to be our first model. (Finagled her to do that a few times.) Successfully funded a kickstarter project. (Aaron already said that, but that was a BIG one, so another shoutout is warranted.) 

We were invited to the White House for being cool guys. We created a culture for our teammates where shoes were optional. We unofficially became the lowest tech startup in the Bay area that got to work with the BIGGEST names in high tech. We managed to get into just about every pro sports stadium around the country. We worked and designed for the Bachelorette. (NO i don’t watch that show) #yesidosometimes. 

We invented games like March MODness where we got to work with thousands of artists. Had articles written about us in 50+ print and web publications. Invented a process to get custom watches of your loved ones turned-around in 24 hours. (Still won’t understand why people want naked pictures of themselves on a watch to gift to their partners on Valentines day.)

And that’s just a little bit! I guess what i’m most proud of, was that we started out as co-workers, then we became friends, THEN we became family. I became a person with an immense capacity for the enjoyment of existence, and so for that, to you the ModiFamily, I sincerely say thank you.

Here’s to continue ticking…

We have a few watches left, but only a few, so snag what you can. STILL 75% OFF!

to quote my hero…

And if i don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

aka, The Creative Guy.
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