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Mom Confession

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Check out Kayla Bitten from the Postpartum Clinic!

Kayla Bitten is the owner of The Postpartum Clinic, Alabama’s first, black-owned lactation and postpartum-centered outpatient clinic. She is a midwifery apprentice, studying IBCLC, a doula with 10+ years experience, owner of a smaller birth practice in central Birmingham, and the continuing education coordinator for Evidence-Based Birth.

This clinic prioritizes those navigating the lactation and postpartum journey that lack the support, care, and access they need to thrive in the most deserving and equitable ways.  

Visit her website and follow her on Instagram @thepostpartumclinic.

Kayla Bitten

We featured her on the show last year. Check it out here.

Amelia Lewis

Facebook Group Feature:

Amelia Lewis is one amazing woman, she has now been connected to Mommy Knows Best for over 3 years now. FUN FACT: We created our famous Gluten and Dairy-free cookies because of her! At the time of her reaching out, her 11-month-old had a scary allergic reaction to dairy. She made it her mission to reach out to mom and baby companies everywhere to warn them of the dangers, even if it’s a small amount of milk. 

After talking with her we realized how many moms are dairy and gluten intolerant, so we quickly decided to put a mix on the market that moms like her could enjoy! Check our interview with her here!

Join our group to see more of Amelia!

>>>New Mom's Breastfeeding & More Support Group


How many kids do you have?


What's your favorite part about being in our Facebook Group?

The ability to get feedback from and connect with so many Moms with the broad reach of the group. Someone is bound to have been through or going through what I am.

If you could share one tip to new moms, what would you say?

Trust your Mom instinct. It's real and has given me the confidence and voice to advocate for my kids.

What are you most proud of?

Powering through the obstacles at each stage. Meeting issues with determination and not giving in. With a ton of issues, I still breastfed both kids and fought to maintain my ability to do that for them.

What's something you're excited about?

I've lost 25 lbs and back down to pre-pregnancy weight! I never thought I'd see it again. I'm finally on the cusp of having a bit of my "old self" back and being able to feel comfortable making myself a priority again. With almost having 2 potty-trained kids who can verbalize what is wrong, sleep through the night, and don't need my body to survive, I'm slowly letting go of some of my fears and anxieties I had in the newborn stage.

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Presenting our Gluten and Dairy-Free Lactation Cookie Mix!

Gluten and Dairy-Free Lactation Cookie Mix
Gluten and Dairy-Free Lactation Cookie Mix

In the news...

Breastfeeding reduces mothers’ cardiovascular disease risk

Breastfeeding reduces mothers’ cardiovascular disease risk

Women who breastfed at some time in their lives were less likely to develop heart disease or stroke, compared to women who did not breastfeed, according to a meta-analysis of previous studies. Breastfeeding was also associated with a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease for the women. Previous research has also noted that the maternal health benefits of breastfeeding are associated with a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

"It's important for women to be aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for their babies' health and also their own personal health," Willeit said. "Moreover, these findings from high-quality studies conducted around the world highlight the need to encourage and support breastfeeding, such as breastfeeding-friendly work environments, and breastfeeding education and programs for families before and after giving birth.".

Read more about it here

Want to Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat at Home?
There’s an app for that.

The Shell app from Bellabeat lets you hear your baby's heartbeat whenever you want. Here's how the amazing technology works.

The Shell app comes from Bellabeat, a startup that aims to help women lead their healthiest lives. "Shell – Baby’s First Heartbeat Listener enables expectant parents to hear their baby’s heartbeat in a natural and non-invasive manner, similar to placing your ear on the belly and turning the volume up," Bellabeat wrote in a blog post.

You can do more than just hear your baby's heartbeat with Shell's app, which can really function as a standalone product: The app also lets you record and share tracks with your friends and family—it even gives you tutorials on fetal heart positions.

Read more about it here.

Want to Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat at Home? There’s an app for that



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