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The latest updates, product launch, breastfeeding news, and more!
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Meet Kara Swanson!

Kara is the Founder of Life Well Lived. She, together with her husband, helps women lose weight and overcome inflammation sustainably. 

We featured her in the show a few years back where she shares her inspirational story about having a VBAC after Two C-Sections. Watch the episodes here: Part 1 and Part 2. Our interviews with her are some of our most famous episodes that you shouldn't miss watching!

Check out her website here and follow her on Instagram: @karaswanson

Kara Swanson
Nysye Martinez



Facebook Group Shoutout!

Meet Nysye Martinez!

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Tell us about your kids.

My baby girl, Nadiarose, just turned one on 9/6! She is now learning how to walk and get on the move other than by crawling, she loves talking (really just babbling lol) mama and dada all day, she also loves clapping and yelling like a monkey lol. Nadiarose is definitely a good eater, any time we have food we’ll share with her and before you know it she’s using sign language to ask for more! We started teaching our baby girl sign language and Spanish at a young age in hopes that she continues with it as she gets older and then she’ll be bilingual.

What's your favorite part about being in our Facebook Group?

It’s a safe space to   go to with any questions you may have, to rant, and for support!

If you could share one tip to new moms, what would you say?

Motherhood is a beautiful mess and that’s okay, when your whole world feels like is crumbling just remember you have a little human that believes you are the whole world and you got everything together. You got this mama and you’re doing great! I’m rooting for you!

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of my daughter and all of her accomplishments day by day, and I know every parent will say that about their children, but for me it’s much deeper. When baby girl was born, she was born early at 34 weeks via an emergency c-section and she spent some time in the NICU; after my baby girl was born I started hemorrhaging and almost lost my life. So when I say I’m proud of my daughter I truly mean it and I’m thankful I get to be here and see all of her accomplishments and spend every day with my baby!

What's something you're excited about?

The next chapter in our life, my daughter just turned one so she now entering the toddler stage and we will constantly be learning along the way.

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Mini Lactation Cookies Reviews


Mini Lactation Cookies Reviews
Mini Lactation Cookies

In the news...

Microplastics found in human breast milk for the first time

Microplastics have been detected in human breast milk for the first time, with researchers greatly concerned over the potential health impacts on babies. The scientists recorded the mothers’ consumption of food and drink in plastic packaging and of seafood, as well as the use of plastic-containing personal hygiene products. But they found no correlation with the presence of microplastics.

It will be crucial to assess ways to reduce exposure to these contaminants during pregnancy and lactation,” she said. “But it must be stressed that the advantages of breastfeeding are much greater than the disadvantages caused by the presence of polluting microplastics. Studies like ours must not reduce breastfeeding of children, but instead raise public awareness to pressure politicians to promote laws that reduce pollution.”

Read more about it here.

Microplastics found in human breast milk for the first time



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Coming up next month on the podcast, we have Shelly Taft talking all about the top breastfeeding misconceptions and the latest update on the formula shortage; Sarah Gold Anzlovar, a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor, sharing with moms how to stop dieting and start intuitive eating; Whitney Copeland, sharing about their family's tragic bus fire experience and how she was able to work on self-care in a tragedy, a solo episode with Christa Innis sharing her tips to reprogram your brain against negative thoughts; and lastly, Nicole Britton talking about how to put yourself first as a busy mom.

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