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Along came a message from one of my beloved Subscribers:

"I have been struggling with weight right from a young age and I have not even gotten it right up till now. I weigh too much and I have a problem controlling my appetite. I eat even when I don't want to. Sometimes ago I lost so much weight and I was happy with myself but somehow, I gained all that weight back I really don't know what to do. Can you help me, please”?

So, I thought I should address it here so that if you're in a similar situation, you can benefit from a few tips.

Now, what’s happening to her is common among many overweight people. And it’s called Food Addiction, by the way.

Foremost, how do you know you're Suffering from Food Addiction?

Here are some telltales signs you are:

» You constantly feel an intense desire to eat some specific kind of foods. 

» You can’t control your appetite, you always have the overpowering urge to eat or chew on something even when you’re not hungry.

» You eat and sometimes don’t remember what and when you ate  

» You always feel hungry

If you fall into any or all of the above categories, you're infected with food addiction.

Food addiction is caused by:

1. Nutrient Deficiency: You see, when your body is lacking in one nutrient or the other, it begins to crave some certain type of food that might have them.

2. Emotional/psychological: Emotions like being bored, happy, sad, frustrated, depressed, and so on, can trigger cravings for food. 

Also, psychological reasons like stress, ovulation, menstruation, and the likes can also trigger food cravings which lead to addiction.

3. Bad habit: Some people just eat for fun. They are in the habit of chewing one thing or the other especially when they are watching TV or on their phones. They just eat without any triggers.

Well, as you can see, food addiction is a deep and serious issue. That’s why you may be finding it extremely difficult to live a healthy life or to lose weight for years on end now.

That’s the sad news. However...

The happy good news is that there’s a solution with the Gut health Bundle.

The Gut health bundle will help you to Beat Emotional Eating, Control Your Appetite, And Eliminate Sugar & Carbs Cravings for good!

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Wishing you good health
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