How to Hack Your Motivation

Email sent: May 6, 2021 1:48am
Hey there,
You probably know by now that MotionGrey is all about putting your physical and mental health first.
But it’s more than just that.
We want every MotionGrey standing desk to motivate you to move and sustain your energy throughout the day.
It’s a fact that standing is better for blood circulation - which is largely responsible for how you feel throughout your day.
Good circulation helps maintain healthy oxygen flow through your body allowing your organs to function efficiently.
When you sit, blood circulation is limited which creates problems in your body in a short amount of time.
Do you ever feel drained or experience a ‘crash’ at work? 
This is often lack of movement and lack of good circulation - two problems that can be solved with a standing desk.
Don’t believe me?
Just check out what Geoffroi B. from Canada had to say about his experience with his standing desk:
Imagine having boundless energy all throughout your day just because you made a simple tweak in how you worked.
Who knows what you could accomplish with that extra drive to perform..
It’s happened for many others who made the switch and it can happen for you.
It's those little changes that begin building momentum in the right direction so you can tackle your biggest goals and challenges.
Whether that's just having a little more energy to put towards your side hustle…
Or working on a passion project that will make an impact on the world.
I want to make that easier for you.
That’s why today I wanted to give you a special opportunity to upgrade your office with 10% OFF a new standing desk from MotionGrey:
If you’ve been on the fence for a new standing desk, you can use your code: WELCOME10 and save 10% 
This exclusive code won’t be around forever so take advantage of it while you can.
I want you to experience what work could be like with more energy and clarity as you work towards your grand vision of life.
That’s why I'm offering you this exclusive code so you get more for even less.
This 10% OFF code isn’t available to the public. 
It’s an exclusive for members of InMotion, and as a member I want to show my appreciation with the best deal on a standing desk.
Keep an eye out for my next email…
I’m going to share some powerful stories from other InMotion members and how their standing desks have helped their posture and flow at work.
I’ll see you then!
- Andy at MotionGrey
P.S. - MotionGrey standing desks are more than just a work surface.
They are tools that help you unleash the high performer in you so that you can endure even the most challenging workdays.
That's why I'm offering InMotion members 10% OFF a Motion Series standing desk from MotionGrey.
Anywhere else you’d be paying almost double to match our quality. Not only that but you’ll also get your standing desk shipped free anywhere in Canada and the US.
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