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Hey there,
Did you know that MotionGrey standing desks are unique for their innovative and superior quality frame?
In fact, MotionGrey desks have some of the highest weight supports and height ranges available and even beat out some desks that are over $1000+.
This is largely in part from dual Bosch motors that provide a solid work surface at any height without any wobble.
As well as 3 segment legs which offer larger height ranges comfortable for taller individuals.
This is something not even the top desk brands in the world have yet to accomplish at this price.
And right now you can get 10% OFF a MotionSeries standing desk in your choice of frame color and desktop.
(Enter code: 'WELCOME10' at checkout!)
Why am I giving desks away at this price?
It’s because I know the importance of having proper posture while working - as well as working pain free.
That's part of why I chose to start MotionGrey…
Years of being at a desk took its toll in the form of persistent and debilitating back pain which I knew I needed to find a solution… before it got much worse.
Don’t be fooled by all those budget brands that try to convince you they have the best price on standing desks…
While they might be a little cheaper, they cut corners in all the wrong places.
After all, you want a desk that is as solid as a skyscraper at its max height.
Unfortunately this isn’t the standard that comes with every standing desk and even plagues high-end models as well.
The truth is that there’s no real shortcut to quality - which I’m sure you know.
And when companies cut corners they end up with problems like desk wobble - a symptom of a poor quality frame that makes the desk impossible to use at high heights.
I know buying a standing desk is a big investment, but like most big investments it pays off over the long run.
It’ll be worth all the years of time saved because you were able to cut the distractions of pain so you can focus and get in the zone.
And now is the time…
Are you ready to raise your standards and save big over the long term?
Ditch your old office desk and reward yourself with the quality and tech that can supercharge your energy and productivity at work!
- Andy at MotionGrey
P.S. - Now is the time to raise your standard for what you expect from a standing desk.
Today you can experience what thousands of happy customers have while getting an extra 10% OFF.
You'll be glad you did.

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