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In case you haven't heard, I’m giving away this exclusive deal to members of InMotion.
Now that you're with us, I want you to experience first-hand how a standing desk will revolutionize your home office or workplace.
By now you know that MotionGrey is laser-focused on creating a healthy workspace for everyone all at a price that is affordable.
Part of creating a healthy lifestyle is finding the right tools to support your lifestyle. That’s why we developed a sit and stand desk.
This is because there have been studies suggesting that alternating between sit and stand offered additional benefits.
Take this study for example:
During the take a stand project a group of 24 office workers were given standing desks.
Over a 4 week period participants reported improved moods when they reduced the average time sitting by an average of 66 minutes.
What's even more interesting is the responses from the workers after the 4 weeks.
87% Felt more comfortable and energized
75% Felt Healthier
71% Felt More Focused
66% Were more productive
62% Felt Happier
33% Felt Less Stressed
These responses were all a direct result of having a sit-stand desk at their workstation and alternating between sitting and standing.
So what does all this mean?
It means that you shouldn’t always be standing, but you shouldn’t always be sitting either.
Like I said a few days ago, the workspace is about balance - an art of finding what’s right for you.
This is why we crafted a standing desk that can electronically adjust to accommodate any standing height or office chair.
We understand the importance of versatility and realize that a standing desk is a tool that should work with you to improve your work endurance and well being.
If you want to experience comfort, energy, and focus like those office workers then there isn’t a better time to save a Motion Series standing desk.
Your code ‘INMOTION30’ is still active if you want to save $30 on a new MotionGrey Standing Desk.
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