Sign the petition: The United States Postal Service provides a crucial service for Americans

Email sent: Aug 2, 2020 10:30am
Sign the petition: Help protect the United States Postal Service.

Dear MoveOn member,

The United States Postal Service provides a crucial service for Americans, and the federal agency's workers are committed to ensuring that every piece of mail—from birthday cards to lifesaving medications to vote-by-mail ballots—gets delivered in a timely, reliable fashion.

But the Postal Service's new leader, appointed by Donald Trump, has issued drastic new directives that are already hurting the mail service that you and your fellow Americans rely on and could bring the USPS to a grinding halt.

We need a massive outcry right now, directed at Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, from everyday Americans who rely on the Postal Service. Add your name today.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's harmful plan for the United States Postal Service is undermining the mail delivery service that Americans depend on, destroying customers' confidence in the agency, and, in this crucial election year, jeopardizing Americans' right to vote by mail.

We are calling on DeJoy to immediately abandon his dangerous, politically motivated plan and ensure that Americans have a strong and reliable Postal Service.

DeJoy is a Trump megadonor and long-term ally with no previous Postal Service experience who was appointed to this very important leadership position by Trump in May.1 Now, DeJoy is carrying out Trump's plan to undermine the Postal Service.2 DeJoy is eliminating all overtime for workers, cutting all extra trips, and directly instructing mail carriers to leave mail behind at distribution centers if delivering it might extend their hours.3

This is taking place during the COVID-19 crisis, when millions of Americans are relying on the Postal Service for delivery of urgently needed medication or supplies. And along with public health, Trump's new postmaster general's destructive plan is putting our democracy at risk: To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Americans must be able to vote safely from home this year. But if DeJoy gets his way, voters will not be able to cast their ballots by mail—disenfranchising millions in November or forcing them to risk their health at the polls.

The USPS is a federal agency entrusted with serving the American people, and it has been doing so with great success since 1775. Americans rely on it and commend its workers' commitment to provide dependable, timely service—it is America's most popular federal agency.4 As the current USPS leader, DeJoy must make sure that the agency is not used as a political tool. The Postal Service must continue to operate in the best interest of all Americans.

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–Devon Nir, Common Cause


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2. "How Trump's war on the Postal Service could create an election nightmare," The Washington Post, July 15, 2020

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