Two-thirds of MoveOn members are more likely to back Biden if these women are on his ticket!

Email sent: May 20, 2020 9:31pm

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Read the results of the latest MoveOn member survey on vice president contenders.

Dear MoveOn member, 

Elizabeth Warren. Stacey Abrams. Kamala Harris.

All three are progressive powerhouses, bold and experienced women leaders who are champions in the Democratic Party. And they are the top three choices of MoveOn members to join presumptive nominee Joe Biden on his ticket as his running mate and as his governing partner in the White House, according to a MoveOn member survey. 

Image. Left column: "MoveOn Members' Top 3 Choices for VP." Right column: "Elizabeth Warren, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris"

What’s more, fully two-thirds of members would be more supportive of Biden's campaign if he named any one of these potential nominees as his running mate.

Title: Would you be more or less likely to support Joe Biden for president if he chose the following person as his vice president? Elizabeth Warren, 73% more, 15% less. Stacey Abrams, 66% more, 17% less. Kamala Harris, 66% more, 18% less.

Joe Biden has emerged as the presumptive Democratic Party nominee, and he's already committed to naming a woman as his running mate.1 But with so many superstar women leading the party, including several who came close to capturing the nomination, it's anyone's guess which one he'll name. 

And it matters whom Biden announces as his running mate. Popularity is important for a running mate, but it’s far from the whole picture. The election is not just a popularity contest, after all. Winning and governing matter. Joe Biden will need a vice presidential nominee who complements him; can bring along the electorate needed to win; communicates effectively with and resonates with a multiracial coalition of voters from all walks of life; has the values, experience, and judgment to be a sound governing partner; and, of course, who is prepared to take on the role of president and commander in chief should she be called to do so.

MoveOn members get that complexity. Here are the qualities we’re weighing most heavily in considering Biden’s VP nominee:

Title: In your view, how important is it for Biden to pick a running make who ... 1. Puts people over corporations. 2. Is committed to racial and economic justice.

We also see that the VP pick is not the only way that Biden can elevate progressive priorities that are important to voters. Here is the list of the top issues MoveOn members want Biden to embrace as the campaign moves forward:

Top three issues Biden should embrace or lift up: 1. Health care. 2. Democracy. 3. COVID-recovery.

While the overwhelming majority of MoveOn members listed Warren, Abrams, or Harris as at least one of their top choices for VP nominee, not everyone did. And that's okay! The diversity of views we hold within our membership is a strength and reflects the range of views of those who want Trump out of office.

With such an important juncture approaching, it's critical that MoveOn's members are part of the conversation—and part of the action. 

P.S. Excited about this snapshot of MoveOn members' VP preferences and want to help make some noise for a progressive woman to join Biden's campaign? Click here to find and share the Twitter thread outlining the survey results.
1. "Joe Biden pledges to pick a woman to be his running mate," CNBC, March 15, 2020 

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