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Send your characters on an adventure!

Summer Camp: Week 5

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Summer Camp: Week 5
August already!? It’s time to send your characters on an adventure!

So, you’ve got an interesting setting and some characters that can’t wait to be part of a story...

This week:
Story Plot
A plot is the sequence of events that make up your story. The plot of an interesting story has plenty of ups and downs along the way, as good and bad things happen to your character. At the end of the story, you need to show how your character has been changed by the things that have happened.
See story graphs in detail in our HTWAS printable.

Making a story graph can help you when you get stuck. All you have to do is check your graph to see whether something good or bad should happen next!

What will happen to your character, and how will it change them? Let our vocabulary packets inspire you as you plot your story! Draw your own story shape and share it with us on social media (here are the social handles, parents: @mrswordsmithofficial on Instagram, @MrsWordsmith on Facebook, and @MrsWOfficial on Twitter).

Next week, we’ll work on grabbing a reader’s attention with a gripping first line and must-keep-reading moments.

Did you miss our previous weeks? You can find them here.

We’re writing a (very short) story together. Each week until the end of the summer, we’ll add a little more to the story!

Here’s what we have so far:
Shang High had never seen a place like this before. It was a warm summer night at the queen's palace. Ear-splitting music filled the air–the disco party was in full swing! But empty frames covered every wall…Every single person in the kingdom was at the disco party. Everyone was dressed in the most colourful outfits. The palace was filled with delirious dancing and calm chatting.
What was happening? One moment, the walls for filled with eye-catching paintings, and the next, they were gone! The queen summoned her most trust-worthy guards for the case…

The next sentence, submitted by Elizabeth is:
The guards searched the palace, and then they searched the whole kingdom, but they couldn’t find anything until they spotted a new art gallery. The paintings hadn’t been stolen, they had been put in the new gallery for the party, so they wouldn’t get in anyone’s way at the party.
What do you think should come next?

Now it’s your turn! Write 1-2 sentences that tell us what happens next and send it to [email protected]. Next week, we’ll continue the story with one of your submissions!
Writer, unblocked!
Plotting a story can be exhausting. Take a break with this silly word game – maybe it will get those creative juices flowing again!

Send us the funniest line from your word game, and we’ll pick one to feature in next week’s summer camp newsletter. The winner will get a free copy of our How to Write a Story printable!

Hungry for more?

If you like our writing tips and vocabulary packets, you can find much more in our How to Write a Story printable. Get a special 30% discount on these and other printables with code: SUMMERCAMPWEEK5 at checkout!
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