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Summer Camp: Week 4

We're lost in the story forest!

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We're lost in the story forest!
Does anyone have a compass, or are we lost in the story forest?

We’re one month into Mrs Wordsmith’s Summer Camp! Last week, you worked on the appearance of your characters. Let’s dive deeper...

This week:

What is your character’s personality like? What motivates them? What are their biggest dreams and challenges?
Your character’s personality is important because it will help you decide how your character will react to things that happen to them, and how they interact with other characters.

Let’s see how interesting you can make your characters!
For a little inspiration, download the settings vocabulary packet for your age group:

We’re writing a (very short) story together. Each week until the end of the summer, we’ll add a little more to the story!

Here’s what we have so far:
Shang High had never seen a place like this before. It was a warm summer night at the queen's palace. Ear-splitting music filled the air–the disco party was in full swing! But empty frames covered every wall…Every single person in the kingdom was at the disco party. Everyone was dressed in the most colourful outfits. The palace was filled with delirious dancing and calm chatting.

The next bit, submitted by Antara is:
What was happening? One moment, the walls for filled with eye-catching paintings, and the next, they were gone! The queen summoned her most trust-worthy guards for the case…
What do you think should come next?

Now it’s your turn! Write 1-2 sentences to continue the story and send it to [email protected]. Next week, we’ll add one of your submissions!
What would your character do if…
Answer these three questions creatively – it may help you to think more about your character’s personality.

What would your character do if…

...a UFO landed in their back garden/yard?
...someone stole their last slice of pizza?
...their friend told them a surprising secret?

Send an answer to one of the questions to us at [email protected], and we’ll pick one to feature in next week’s summer camp newsletter, T
he winner will get our How to Write a Story printable for free!

For grown-up campers
Parents and teachers can have fun learning in the summer, too! Join our Mrs Wordsmith Community | Ages 4-7 on Facebook to see our new series of videos walking you through the fascinating Science of Reading.
Hungry for more?

If you like our writing tips and vocabulary packets, you can find much more in our How to Write a Story printable!
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