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Summer Camp: Week 6

Writing a campfire-ready opening line

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Writing a campfire-ready opening line
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Are you on your way to having a campfire-ready story yet?

By now, you have some idea of what will happen in your story: the ups and the downs, and how they will change your main character or characters. You know how your characters look, sound, act, and feel, and you’ve spent some time planning what will happen to them. (Look back at previous Summer Camp emails here.)

This week:
Opening Line

Take a deep breath: It’s time to write your opening line...
A good opening line makes the person reading your story want to keep going! It’s an introduction, but it’s also a kind of attention magnet. Here are some methods:
Maybe these moody word collections will get the creative juices flowing! Get some practice by writing an opening line that includes a word from the packet, and send it to us (at [email protected]) for a chance to win our How to Write a Story printable.
We’re writing a (very short) story together. Each week until the end of the summer, we’ll add a little more to the story!

Here’s what we have so far:
Shang High had never seen a place like this before. It was a warm summer night at the queen's palace. Ear-splitting music filled the air–the disco party was in full swing! But empty frames covered every wall…Every single person in the kingdom was at the disco party. Everyone was dressed in the most colourful outfits. The palace was filled with delirious dancing and calm chatting.
What was happening? One moment, the walls for filled with eye-catching paintings, and the next, they were gone! The queen summoned her most trust-worthy guards for the case…The guards searched the palace, and then they searched the whole kingdom, but they couldn’t find anything until they spotted a new art gallery. The paintings hadn’t been stolen, they had been put in the new gallery for the party, so they wouldn’t get in anyone’s way at the party...

The next bit, submitted by Ruana is:
In the meantime, there was another problem. Shang High's hair was very tangly from shaking and dancing to the music. He was frantically looking for his comb, only to realize he left it at home. "What a nightmare," said Shang High.
What do you think should come next?

Now it’s your turn! Write 1-2 sentences that tell us what happens next, and send it to [email protected]. Next week, we’ll continue the story with one of your submissions!
For grown-up campers
Parents and teachers can have fun learning in the summer, too! Join our Mrs Wordsmith Educators K-2 group on Facebook to see our new series of videos walking you through the fascinating Science of Reading.
Hungry for more?

If you like our writing tips and vocabulary packets, you can find much more in our How to Write a Story printables.
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