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Today’s the day I pull back the curtain on something I've
been working on like crazy for you ... in fact it's taken
6 MONTHS to get here and probably around 1460 hours
in-front of the iMac.

The mission is to work with a hand-picked
intimate group of talented people, and not stop
until each and every one is making at least $100
per day music PROFIT from our push button
tactics and tools.

(If you're already making that then you'll be
able to use this stuff to systematically DOUBLE
or TRIPLE your income rapidly)

To be honest it won't actually be hard at all because
we've really got this stuff nailed down now, you
simply need to spend a few minutes copying it.

Your new income will come not through tricks or anything
dodgy, but as a by-product of amazing music and a
smart and straightforward marketing process.

BUT...You Have To Qualify For This One...

The thing is my brain can't focus on more than 20 people
at a time, so right off the bat I want to lay out the criteria...

Is this you?
  1. You have $975 to invest in your music and are prepared to wait a month or so to make a profit on it.
  2. You can find ten minutes 3 times a week to follow easy steps.
  3. You must have at least one AWESOME piece of music.
  4. You are proactive and follow-through on simple clear instructions.
If you meet the criteria please continue below to learn more...

I'm calling the group "Musician Apocalypse Survivors" or M.A.S!

I chose the Hollywood sounding name because you’ll finally be
content and setup for a lifetime in music stress free, while other
musicians beg for pennies year after year dying that slow and
painful death.

(I've been there and it sucks...but it's easy to fix)

So do you want to be one of the "Special 20"?

You're hearing about this before the masses because my
super ninja tracking tools tell me you read my emails
and watch my videos.

But if needed I'll email the rest of my subscribers in a few hours.

So my best advice is not to dilly dally if you know deep down
this is the right opportunity.

Anyway, this new stuff is like my Greatest Hits...

...or in other words the most power-punch straightforward
training I've ever put out, which means every single
second is focused on YOU getting fast results.

You can expect to come away with a complete map of
your entire life-long music career - fully optimized - all
focused around the four pillars:
  • A perfectly set up website to capture contact info.
  • Getting 100's of hits per day to that site.
  • Being the most entertaining person your fans know.
  • Making a regular and predictable income.
This program will take zero additional thought on your
part (thinking is my job) if you just copy the plan you can logically
expect the "buckets of awesomeness" previous graduates enjoyed.

Because it's all based on systematically solving the biggest challenges
we've overcome with past members...

Those messages usually look something like this:

"Ben help! I've got...

No hits, No gigs, No press, No income,
No time, No contacts, No web skills,
Spiralling confusion ... and a hatred for cheesy marketing"

If you're saying "Me Too" then read on.

How can YOU get in on this?

First you MUST meet the criteria...please double check.
  1. You have $975 to invest in your music and are prepared to wait a month or so to make a profit on it.
  2. You can find ten minutes 3 times a week to follow easy steps.
  3. You must have at least one AWESOME piece of music.
  4. You are proactive and follow through on simple clear instructions.
After that just email me back with a link to your best music
and a few words on why you think this program is right for you.

Then look for a message that says "YOU WON".


EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED THIS YEAR in online music marketing...

...and we have a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to absolutely
dominate before most people ever figure out what happened.

Seriously. My plan is to have you saying...


...on a very regular basis.

So let me know if you want me to save you a seat...

...I'm going to be teaching one more group this process then
I plan to retire from PR and just use the tactics myself to
dominate the UK music scene, because quite frankly
I'm getting sick of watching my clients have all the fun!

No pressure of course but that's why I call this your last
chance to escape music industry HELL which is what I
believe our lovely industry has become. But this is not
the place to rant about greedy record labels :-(

Honestly, I'm just an average musician who blagged the
"head of marketing job" at a ticket agency who do $100
million each year. My plan was to use their budget to finally
figure out how to create massive buzz for myself and then leave.

The problem was that I told a couple of musician friends and
it went viral from there.

So they'll be one more group of clients, then I'm done.

I'll be in contact tomorrow if you're chosen for a place...look for a message that says "YOU WON".

- Ben

P.S If you meet the criteria please hit reply and let's talk...



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