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November 20, 2020

Your subconscious mind can help you tackle any issue in your life, improving the way you feel both emotionally and physically. 

It's the secondary system that runs everything.

And learning how to influence the communication between the conscious and the subconscious can be a powerful tool for building wealth, health, and happiness.

People have theorized about the body as a machine – a concept that isn’t too far from the truth. 

Maxwell Maltz likens the subconscious mind to a supercomputer or auto server mechanism in his work, Psycho-Cybernetics, which outlines a system of ideas that claims could improve one's self-image. 

Maltz describes how to use machine principles to feed your mind the right data and steer yourself toward a fulfilling life.

His theory operates according to the principles of cybernetics, the study of machines and mechanics, and relates the human brain and nervous system as a servomechanism or automatic response that processes negative feedback to guide its course.

Maltz explains that in the same way that a machine doesn't reason or judge, instead it just follows the task set it, so does the subconscious mind.

He originally published his book back in 1960, but his methods and ideas are still prevalent, and relevant today. 

By applying psycho-cybernetics, we can uncover new insights into why and how humans behave the way they do. One such insight is that humans have a built-in mechanism for success.

Consider how a baby might try to grab a rattle. She can’t call on any stored information based on prior experiences. Therefore, her hand has to swipe back and forth until she can reach the object.

Once she succeeds in grabbing the toy or, in other words, achieves a successful response, she’ll store the memory for future reference.

Over time, she can refine her skill at grasping, slowly remembering her successes and forgetting her failures.

Similarly, this kind of success mechanism is at play as we work toward our goals.

Naturally, activating this mechanism is beneficial and, to begin doing so, we need to use our imagination.

The human nervous system can’t tell the difference between experiences that we imagine and ones that actually occur. As a result, it reacts according to what we believe or imagine to be true.

Research by Dr. Theodore Xenophon Barber at American University in Washington during the 1950s found that hypnotized subjects easily underwent surgery without anesthesia after being told they couldn't feel any pain.

Or take Artur Schnabel, a world-famous concert pianist who rarely practiced on an actual piano. Instead, he would simply refine his art in his head.

There's also a comparable example of a professional golfer who improved their skills through mental rehearsal and visualization.

Another example of the play between conscious and subconscious minds is how they work together when we need to make a decision.

Let’s say you want to buy new shoes.

As you go about your daily tasks, you now start noticing people’s shoes.

The file is still open on which shoes you want to buy so your data collection devices (eyes and ears) send information back into the control center (conscious mind), which does a quick evaluation (the wrong color but look comfy).

Did you notice people’s shoes before? Probably not so much.

Were people wearing shoes before? Of course! You just didn’t have a “scan and search” order set for “shoes."

Buying shoes is a simple example, but the same principle applies if we want/need to change our job, make more money, break a habit, meet our life partner, or accomplish any other goal.

How to Get Your Mind to Work for You

You can harness your subconscious mind's power for your own benefit.

Asking the right questions is the key. 

By doing so, you can figure out how to program your brain to find creative solutions and success.

A question is better than an opinion or affirmation for finding creative solutions.

Positive affirmations can be effective for changing the programming in our subconscious, but they don't send the direct command to search and connect.

Here's what we've learned through trial and error . . . And some corresponding research.

Ask quality questions.

Good questions invite action and expansion. The subconscious loves making connections and having something to do, and it loves good questions.

The focus of the question makes a big difference. 

If you send the question, how can I feel less tired all the time? it’s a negative.

The focus is on feeling tired, so that’s what you're telling your supercomputer mind to focus on.

The resulting thoughts and feelings will reflect this focus: Tired in, tired out.

By rephrasing the question to: "How can I re-energize myself this week?" the focus is positive, on energy and feeling energized, and the results will follow suit.

By setting a specific time frame of this week or tomorrow, you're also setting manageable parameters for your subconscious to play with.

It's worth spending a little time phrasing questions to be positive and specific. The five or ten minutes you spend weighing the question until it feels right and aligned with what you want is well worth it.

To continue practicing rephrasing and reframing, DO TODAY'S INNERCISE.

Humans may not be machines, but we can think of our mental processes as mechanized.

By using cybernetic principles to understand this machine thinking, we can overcome negative ideas about ourselves, enhance our self-image, and live a fulfilling, successful life.

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Testimonial David-Emmanuel
Testimonial KatRama

“So many things on it [The Brain-A-Thon] resonated with me, and I honestly cried throughout the day hearing the stories. I am really looking forward to this next step in my journey and programming my brain so I achieve a whole new level of financial success.- Debbra Sweet, San Diego, CA

“I was glued to every word that was said! I have more focus and I’m taking action in spite of what is going on around me. Thank you so much!” - Barbara Keller, Sollentuna, Sweden

“I was feeling depressed, insecure, and unworthy. I had no idea how I was going to turn my life back around. Now, I found my dream job that’s paying me more than I ever made. My credit score is back up and I have money saved up in the bank.” 
- Kim McGinnis, Los Angeles, CA

John combines neuroscience, quantum science, and human psychology...with business and money tools which no one has ever done before, to get results no one has ever seen before.”
- Matt Corsi, Colombia

“I watched the Brain-a-thon and realised that it was exactly what I needed in these very challenging times. I now understand that my brain needed to be re-programmed in order to change the old patterns that have been keeping me stuck and holding me back. This event is life-changing!”
- Julia Shtakelberg, Modiin, Israel

“I was scared and excited when I signed up for the Brain-A-Thon. And here I am now, crushing it and succeeding in two businesses. :-) What I learned changed my life!”
- Deborah Fryer, Sydney, Australia

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