NeuroGym, LLC: neurogym
NeuroGym, LLC: neurogym

They LOVED it!...did you see this?

Email sent: Jul 25, 2021 8:04am



I’ll admit… I’m feeling pretty proud. 


Look at what people who attended the Brain-A-Thon had to say today:

We’ve had so many people reach out to us that I’ve now decided:


I’m going to host a special ENCORE PRESENTATION today.


When: Sunday, July 25.


Time: 9am 


===> Please Pay Attention: I’ll send you a special link to join before the event. 


Thank you to all the people who messaged us about getting shut out. We’re doing this for you. 


During these chaotic times…


It’s more important than ever for you to improve your mindset, master your emotions, boost your resilience, and become financially secure.


But without taking action to BE there, you risk staying stuck and struggling to make an impact.


Your mindset (and income) can’t afford to miss this. 

See you on the encore! 


John Assaraf


P.S. I’ll also be giving away over $10K in bonuses and prizes to people who show up. 


P.P.S. A few more comments from people who took action to attend. Isn’t this what you want...

NeuroGym, PO Box 5005 #138, Rancho Santa Fe, California 92067, United States, (858) 227-4971

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