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Wish we knew this sooner about goal setting . . .

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It's pretty common to neglect to follow through on certain tasks. And sometimes the most important things get pushed to the sidelines . . .
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July 26, 2021

Have you ever tried to change something about yourself, only to fall back into your usual routine a few weeks later?

Maybe you wanted to lose weight for summer but couldn’t muster the motivation to keep exercising after the first week?

Or maybe you were ready to start a new business or career . . . only to get sucked into a cycle of fear and panic?

You’re not alone. 

A whopping 92% of people who set goals fail to achieve them.

If so many of us have access to the best self-help books, health gurus, and weight loss programs…

Why are we still struggling to meet our goals? 

The thing is, you can have all the information in the world . . . all the willpower in the world . . . and still be unable to create lasting change.

And it’s all because of what’s happening behind the scenes in your brain.

When you can’t break free, it’s because you’re stuck in a “habit loop” -- also known as brain automaticity. This involves your basal ganglia, which plays a key role in developing your emotions, memories, and pattern recognition. 

To get out of any unwanted loop, the prefrontal cortex (which helps you set and achieve goals) needs to be reprogrammed. 

When it comes to lasting change, your chances of success greatly increase if you put in the time and effort to address behaviors and habits that are getting in the way of your success. 

Luckily, neuroscience has paved the way for us to understand better how our brains work, and understanding our stressors is a huge component of that.

Identifying Your Stressors and Triggers

Habits have an internal or external trigger (the time of day, hunger, stress, a person, place, or thing), which creates an automatic behavior that produces a neurological reward associated with the behavior.

But whether you are anxious about your finances, an upcoming deadline, or pressure from a relationship, keep in mind that there will never be an ideal time to transform yourself.

By identifying your stressors, you can learn coping strategies that will improve your daily life and ensure that the stress doesn’t affect the changes you want to make long term.

And once triggered, if you replace the unwanted habit with an empowering practice, you can interrupt the behavior and still be rewarded. While at the same time, you develop the habits for success.

It's possible to retrain your brain to develop different neural pathways and daily habits for success. Do today's Innercise to release destructive habits and to strengthen new, constructive habits.



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Eliminate Procrastination Training

It's pretty common to neglect following through on certain challenging tasks. Most often the most important things get pushed to the sidelines because we're worried they might not work out as planned.

You know, the whole fear of rejection/fear of failure phenomenon? As humans, we often don't follow through because we don't want to upset the ego. 

Can you relate to any of the habits below?

  • You procrastinate ("I'll start tomorrow")
  • Your willpower fails you exactly when you need it. ("I'm too tired to do that today")
  • You unconsciously make bad decisions ("It's a birthday party. I'll just have one small piece of cake")
  • You quit if you have a setback
  • You waste a lot of time doing things you later regret . . . 

If you can relate, you’re not alone . . . almost everyone struggles with them.

Yet, there are some exceptional people who figure out how to consistently accomplish the things that are most important to them.

That’s what the Winning the Game of Procrastination free live event is all about: helping YOU find a way to accomplish the goals and dreams that are most important to you.

Click here to reserve your spot.

Look, if you know you should do something to change how you spend your time, how much you accomplish, and how you feel about your results, but you KNOW you aren’t going to suddenly stop procrastinating . . . you've got to check this out.


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